I'll be home for Christmas

...in just TWO WEEKS.

today was one of those days that was most exciting when it was over... as in, work was over, the week was over, halfway through my internship, only 20 days till Christmas, and TWO WEEKS till I go homeee. I cannot wait.

I got a haircut yesterday, so I was cheery about my outfit even though it did not produce the same positive feeling as yesterday's undocumented look. I don't know, it felt a little plain, but I love this lace dress (my first ever modcloth purchase, fyi!) and actually, my hair was ticking me off all day till I came home, took the scissors to a couple strands and straightened it.

every time I get a hair cut I have to make my own little adjustments because hair is the one place where I'm a little ocd. it's always uneven or too thin or something.

anyways, this is the outfit!

dress- Modcloth
vest- h&m
tights- we love colors
boots- charlotte russe
belt- bizou
long sleeve tee- costco

I don't think I communicate well enough in this blog how much I am obsessed with music. in fact, I don't think I communicate it well enough IRL anymore, either! these past two weeks I've had lots of time to listen to my ipod on bus rides and while pumping out countless listings on the Coast website, and I'm starting to both a) fall in love with my music again, and b) realize how behind I am with my personal musical education! I don't even have Regina Spektor's new album. FOR SHAME.
I'm hoping some intuitive friends or family members will help me fill out my lagging cd collection at Christmas, but the list of essentials is pretty long...

Far- Regina Spektor
Bomb in a Birdcage- A Fine Frenzy
Jenny Lewis
anything Rilo Kiley
Victoria Day- Melissa McLelland
Hunter Hunter- Amelia Curran
Vampire Hotel- Chris Kirby
Folie a Deux- Fall Out Boy (this is how behind I am)
Volume One- She & Him
anything the Submarines
The Sufferer and the Witness- Rise Against
Vampire Weekend
anything Tegan & Sara (I've got them all, but downloaded...I need a tangible portrayal of my love)
Dog Problems- the Format
the Weepies
Mosters of Folk

see?! and that's not even all of them. disgraceful how much I've abandoned my cd collection.
 I did rush out to buy Brandon (and subsequently, me- love how living together means buying half the stuff) John Mayer's new album. I'm sad to say that I was disappointed. I was excited to hear he was going back to pop- my favourite JM album is Room for Squares. but this one is nothing like that...it's average, generic pop. and I'm especially disappointed because we bought tickets to see him in Toronto for Valentine's day and of course most of the set list will be his new stuff...but I'll probably learn to like some of it, right?

on a more positive note, I reviewed a couple cds for the Coast this week and scored some great free finds. I got some Katie Melua, Keane, and the Relient K Christmas album. the reviews were really fun too. I gave Ingrid Michaelson's latest a great review and it was awesome cause of course I got to keep it. :o) I liked her before but this new album is so simple and mature. it's called Everybody if anyone wants to give it a listen- Soldier is a great song.

anyways, I guess the reviews were kind of the inspiration behind my music rant. I'm going to try and work it in more often...perhaps I'll steal something from Selective Potential's amazing blog and have a "playing" feature at the end of each post. :o) hope she doesn't mind me borrowing!

have a great weekend everyone! I've got big plans for tomorrow, so maybe I'll have a fun post for you.

playing: Sun it Rises- Fleet Foxes

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Zhcsyra hp said...

lovely dress,cool denim vest,fab boots.