have yourself a merry little Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

this was such a completely wonderful day. I can't even begin to tell how sweet and thoughtful all my friends and family have been, and how blessed I am! or how amazingly delicious my mom's Christmas dinner was. ohhhhemmmmgeee. but I will try...just not right now. I know, I know- putting it off again! but seriously I will tell you what presents I got tomorrow. :o) right now it's 2 am and I have been up since 7:30 am because I'm still a child on Christmas.

but here's a sneak peek...

dress- Christmas present
tights- claire's
boots- Christmas present (fr. spring)

yay Christmas presents! haha I'm totally outfitted. I freaking LOVE this dress my friend sent me from Korea. it's actually kind of a greenish colour, which you can't really tell, but hopefully pictures will improve gradually from now on. ;o) I wanted to keep the outfit kind of neutral, probably because yesterday I was so bright and stuff, so I thought the grey tights and studded boots made a cool kind of industrial-meets-girly thing with the polka dot dress. and that was the extent of my thinking about it today!

also, the conclusion of my top ten favourite Christmas movies...drum roll, please...


this HAS to be number one for me. it's definitely a Christmas movie, but I watch it all year round. it's beautiful and witty and sweet and totally makes me believe in love. all kinds. seriously, as cheesy as this might sounds, in small ways this movie inspires me.

my favourite part is when Liam Neeson's kid says "let's go get the shit kicked out of us by love."golden. that's my favourite story line too, I think. or the one with Colin Firth. ADORABLE. I would totally marry him.

I could rant about Love Actually all day, but just WATCH IT. if you haven't, please love it, and if you have, watch it again.

on another note, LOVES Craig Ferguson. holy crap he is so cool.
...okay, done! I hope each of you had a wonderful, peaceful, all-is-full-of-love holiday. God bless!


Jen Hsieh said...

love actually is one of my favorite christmas movies :) and you look absolutely lovely in that dress!

Unknown said...

seeing your house makes me miss last year so much! cute outfit, and i have instant envy for that new camera of yours!
-emily r.

Blackbird Fly said...

Cute outfit :)

Sara said...

cute outfit! I love that dress, it matches your blog lol. Love Actually is one of my favorite movies, glad that it is your number 1!