get your things, we're leaving

...when the morning birds are singing.

AHHH! my holiday has almost begun!
can you tell I'm excited?

I'm actually a little behind on my schedule; I'd planned on being packed by this morning so I could do a little post on what I was bringing for my two week vacation. I'm not quite done yet- I still have to pick out accessories- but I have most of the outfits figured out in my head.

I'm trying to be colourful and still stylish, but with easily mixed-and-matched pieces. solid bottoms, printed dresses, lots of tights (of course) and a couple simple tops and cozy cardigans.

I also didn't want to be dressed to the nines all the time cause, frankly, my family will make fun of me, haha. but I do plan on going out quite often. so I had to find a nice balance between casual and well put-together. that's why I'm kind of minimizing the accessories and keeping the patterns subtle, so it looks nice but not too busy.

and of course to keep the festive spirit I brought plenty of red, green, and gold!

here's what I'm packing and why
(it may look like a long list, but remember, I'm gone for over two weeks and it's COLD in Newfoundland! layers layers layers. besides, I'm an excellent packer.)

- long sleeve yellow cotton dress: comfy, casual, and bright
- vintage "strawberry" dress: red, a bit dressier, good for family dinner or church
- red stripes ruffled mini-dress: looks like a candy cane :o)
- green h&m water colours dress: it's just so preeeetty, and can be dressed up or down
- blue plaid shirt dress: versatile, can be worn as a skirt/top/dress, kind of a neutral plaid
- black vintage-inspired polka dot dress: just looks festive, can be dressed up or down
- blue pattern & lace dress- casual, dark colours

- black pencil skirt: it's just so basic!
- red mini skirt: festive, but goes with almost everything I brought
- black skinny pants: makes any top look good
- skinny jeans: a wardrobe staple

- gold h&m cardigan: colour goes with almost everything & brightens an outfit
- long brown cardigan: neutral and warm
- red sweater: wear over some dresses to make them into skirts
- black turtle neck sweater: wear under dresses to keep warm!
- floral ae tank top- my mom got it for me (she likes when I wear things she's seen before :op)
- uo "tick tock" clock v-neck: can be worn with pattern, kind of like a neutral
- blue &grey striped sweater vest: adds some pizzaz + warmth
- grey long sleeve tee: for layering
- blue plaid shirt: to wear with the red skirt, and my sis gave it to me last year

then of course a couple scarves, necklaces, hats and gloves. necessities. I'm only bringing one coat because they take up so much room, I can't justify taking two. and I was thinking about buying one in NYC anyways, because I really need a black or navy one with a hood. the one Kyla has would be perfect!

anyway, that's what I'll be wearing for the next couple weeks; here's what I wore today.

dress- vintage fr. bloomstreetvintage on etsy
tights- we love colors
belt- smart set
shoes- forever 21

first thing I thought when I got dressed this morning was "my sister would hate this dress" haha. I have a feeling a lot of people would, but I love the colour and the long sleeves. last time I wore it with black tights so this time I tried something different and went brighter. I picked the shoes to add a bit of cool/modern and I think the grey "grounds" the outfit. (pun intended, maybe?)

also. just so you know. Avatar kinda blew my mind. freaking amazingggg. I think it changed my life. srsly.

T- 9 hours!

playing: Foundations- Kate Nash


jenloveskev said...

Ummm this dress is AMAZING!! I love it!! Everything about it is great!

Jen Hsieh said...

ahh i adore the funkiness of this outfit (and the color of your tights)! you look great :)

Agent Pulse said...

:D Just passing by and I must say I love that dress and the patterns!