follow every rainbow till you find your dream

I just finished watching The Sound of Music and I'm feeling very inspired. I want to run through fields and sing and of course get a pair of those cute Austrian booties...

I am smitten with Julie Andrews. she is just a dream. I feel that if I were lucky enough to meet one uber-famous person in my journalistic career, she would be my first choice (ok, so there are maaaany "first choices, but Julie is certainly up there!). she's so wonderfully talented and classy and kind and all-around fabulous. it's great when true stars deserve every ounce of recognition they get. 

oh Julie, if only I had your lovely voice, I would belt it out over the hills too.

right well, moving on. 
I'm very comfortable with my outfit today. I love days when you've got an outfit planned in your head and when you put it on, it's exactly how you pictured it. I should start getting up earlier so I can actually assess my ensemble before sprinting to the bus stop, so that this feeling can occur more often.

unfortunately, I don't have a picture of this outfit for you because I left my camera at perhaps I will recreate it over the weekend, but at any rate I felt it was worth mentioning that I enjoyed my clothes today. :o)

I do have one photo, though! lately I've been carrying my camera around to take quick snaps of things that catch my eye or interest me, and hopefully I'll be able to make regular posts with some of the good ones. I came across the giant Christmas tree in front of city hall while on a Coast errand and couldn't resist.

tomorrow back to regular posting! and more music stuff, as promised. and sweet, sweet friday. 


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Blackbird Fly said...

Gotta love giant decorated trees.

And Fridays ;)