electric girl

bonjour mes amis!
...I wish I could write the rest of this entry in french for funsies, but I'm a little out of practice! plain ol' english will have to do.

today I went for colour. LOTS of colour. I was planning on having a good day, you see, so I had to feel good and sunny about my outfit. so if the colour combo is a little intense...it's just me having some wardrobe fun.

jumping pictures are harder than I remember...but I thought it suited the mood of the outfit. :o)
also, I personally think I look a bit like a chubby and slightly promiscuous gal in the last photo, but I swear I just wanted to show off the cute one-shouldereness! 

dress- american apparel 
shirt- forever 21
tights- modcloth
boots- charlotte russe
necklace (below)- modcloth 

I've had MGMT's "Electric Feel" stuck in my head all day. the Coast asked all the interns to pick one of their personal "top songs" of late for a list that's going in the issue; this week theme is intern picks, haha. so that's the song I picked. I think it was a solid choice, although my blog's namesake came in a close second.

more music buzz tomorrow. right now it's almost 2am and I was already late for work once this week.
yes, I know it's only tuesday...


ps. feeling much better today! only my arms hurt. thanks for the well-wishes!


Jen Hsieh said...

your blog is adorable, i love the colors in this outfit (especially those tights)!
and now i can't get electric feel out of my head either. :P

Crystal Card said...

Jump pics may be hard to capture, but it turned out awesome.

Kristin said...

I love the colors in your outfit! I have tights in the same chartreuse color, and I just love them!

Zhcsyra hp said...

nice plaid and lovely dress.