easy as one, two, three

I took two days off after bombarding you with thoughts, now I'll do the same with pictures!
here are three- count 'em, THREE- outfits, to catch me up...or catch you up.

wednesday's look- probably my favourite of the week, even though it was wayyy too cold for short sleeves!

dress- forever 21
tights- we love colors
boots- primark
socks- ardene
scarf- smart set
tee- smart set

thursday- took a cue from the day before and dressed in warmer. of course, it wasn't cold this day. of course.

sweater- h&m
pashmina- primark
skirt- charlotte russe
tights- betsey johnson fr. modcloth
shoes- h&m

friday- today was the coldest of all. and the most casual. again, t-shirt not enough. you'd think I'd learn.

top- dynamite
sweater vest- walmart
scarf- modcloth
jeans- dorothy perkins
boots- primark

kinda funny story.
my mom called last night and told me to pick up a pair of jeans for myself for Christmas. I said I didn't want to because a) I have enough jeans, b) I hardly ever wear pants anyway, and c) she already has spent way too much on me this semester.  but I changed my mind today when this staple pair of skinnys finally wore out and ripped a hole. you can see it on my leg in the last photo, haha. guess maybe it is time for some new jeans.

anyways, that's it! I'm all caught up, and so are you.


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Idée Géniale said...

I think the first outfit is my favorite one too! It's very girly, yet super chic. Maybe its the scarf?? Anyways, you're always super cute.