and I will see you again

I'd like to apologize in advance for the awful photos. boy, I would love a new camera. or a tripod. or some good lighting in my apartment. I don't know, anything to abolish red-eye and bland faces for good!

first picture no flash... I like it better, even though it's kind of fuzzy.
I'm a little sad because every time I wear this cute dress the pictures come out bad. I feel bad for it- it deserves better.

dress- mango
tights- primark & smart set
shoes- aldo
hat- h&m
cardigan- kersh fr. envy

this outfit is simple, I find this dress looks better that way. and I'm not usually so matchy-matchy, but I think the royal blue gives the look a bit of an edge. I really like pairing bright colours with deeper or more mellow tones, like the light brown sweater. I didn't want to add more colour in the shoes, and I love how grey looks with these tights- so that's pretty much how this came together!


I look even worse in these pics, but at least the dress looks awesome! I love stripes, I should wear them more often.

dress- french connection fr. envy
tights- joe fresh
boots- spring
sweater- smart set
headband- fr. splurge

I put this outfit together very easily; I've taken to wearing sweaters under my dresses, which some people think is weird... but it's a good way to keep warm without covering parts of the dress you like, such as the back or detail at the top. in this case I like the criss-cross back but also was just being anal and didn't want to wear a cardigan two days in a row. :o)

and I know I fall back on the yellow-burgundy colour combo a lot, this time it wasn't entirely planned. I couldn't find my white tights that I originally wanted to wear, or my grey ones either. it was this or like, kelly green.

(I've decided I'm going to try and talk about my outfits a little more for a while...maybe I'll continue, maybe not. I feel like I need to have more fashion talk sometimes. !! )

I'm getting SO EXCITED for saturday.
I was going to do laundry tonight, but we're out of quarters. so I started packing instead. it's quite difficult! it's weird cause what I bring home is also what I have to make work in New York, so I have to bring stuff that's comfy and family appropriate (ie. not too over-the-top or fancy) and still fashionable. and I kind of hate wearing the same stuff two weeks in a row, so I'm picking things I can easily mix-and-match. I don't expect to be getting any clothes for Christmas...

I'll let you know how it goes

and now for something completely different!

in honour of it being officially ten days to Christmas (!!) I've decided to share with you my top ten holiday movies! now it's not a very objective list, since I haven't seen a couple classics yet, but I can certainly vouch for my choices.

I'll pick one a day till Christmas, when I shall reveal my number one favourite!
to kick off the list;


who doesn't love a little nostalgia around the holidays?! Home Alone (and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York) is a modern classic of a Christmas movie. I love the instantly recognizable "twinkly" music, the iconic scream, Macaulay Culkin's cute Christmas sweaters. even though I have every booby trap memorized, it still makes me laugh. and of course, he learns a valuable lesson about Christmas and family. ;o) awww! what's not to love?

oh, and random Joe Peschi is pretty sweet, too.

Home Alone 2 is arguably even better, since it has that AWESOME toystore and New York is so awesome at Christmastime...but I may be a little bias this year.

either way, rascally little kid + Christmas + hilariously incompetent burglars = alright on my list.

playing: Hello, I'm in Delaware- City and Colour


Unknown said...

I looove that blue hat, Sarah! And even though its blurry, the first photo shows off the outfit in a more flattering way I think. As always, no flash for the win. I like it. You are cute and I'm excited to see your Christmas movie picks! :o)

kendal croix. said...

LOVE those pops of bright blue!