your heels so high, your hopes so low

hey there! just a quick outfit post/ internship update before bed.

I should really have done this earlier today- my blog needs a little more variety. but my poor excuse is that there was no heat on in my apartment all day and I was so cold I was too afraid to come out from under my big blanket to even grab my laptop.

my first day at The Coast went well! I mean, it was a little dull...I think the whole thing is going to be kind of boring actually, with them getting us (there are three other interns) to do tedious things like googling for album covers and typing up event listings. but at least it's easy. so no complaints yet! hooray!

and now, yesterday's ensemble, since The Blind Side's surprising length had me run out of blogging time.
(it wasn't as bad as everyone said, btw.I thought it was sweet.)

me and my twirly pictures. I'm such a sucker for a full skirt.
this is my sunday church outfit.

top- Lush fr. pseudio
belt- smart set
scarf- I don't remember?
skirt- smart set
boots- charlotte russe

and now, today! quickly, because Brandon is falling asleep next to me. I'm a night owl, he's always had trouble staying up past 11. opposites attract.

"first day" outfit; a little dressy, but low key.
this is one of my favourite scarves! I adore all the beautiful, rich colours and the patterns.
and please excuse the messy hair- it's from huddling under the afore-mentioned blanket- but I just had to show you the back of this dress. it's so pretty in the summer, and I can't bear to cover it up with a cardigan.

dress- topshop
scarf- present, fr. h&m
long sleeve tee- costco
tights- joe fresh
shoes- spring

I thought I'd wear heels on my first day to look a little polished, and also of course to practice. probably not such a great idea for this work environment. you should have heard the awful racket I made walking across the floor! there was no chic heels "click," but more of a "clump." and the office is a big open space where all the desks are, so every time I walked across it to ask a question or get a new assignment the "clump" echoes. I felt like everyone was thinking "why is she wearing those?"

this definitely would not be a problem at Vogue.

anywho. that's it for me!
kiss kiss. :o)

ps. my hopes aren't actually low, like the title says. its from a song, obviously, and I was trying to tie it in to my heels dilemma. just so you know. I'm not sad at all. fyi.


Blackbird Fly said...

What exactly is the Coast? Is it a mag? Very cool about the internship, though! The heels will grow on them :)

Sarah K. said...

the Coast is the weekly alternative newspaper in Halifax, ns. :o)