your black & white needs a little bit of red

another quickie, darlings! ;o)

red and blue seems to be a popular colour scheme of mine lately. I guess I just like the contrast, and I just love red anyways. if I had to pick a favourite colour, today it would be red.

if you look reeeeally closely in the last photo, you can see the big buttons down the back of the dress. they're probably my favourite feature, but the flash on my camera doesn't like them. :o(
the dorky close-up is to show what colour the polka dots are, which is royal blue, if it's still not clear!
oh blogspot, how you massacre photos...

dress- vintage (my first one!), fr. Model Citizens
top- somewhere in London
belt- smart set
tights- smart set / primark (cold weather = two pairs!)
shoes- h&m

I never want to take off these shoes. and I walked for about half an hour today, so I'm feeling pretty good about my heel-training progress! but I now understand why women in New York can be so fashionable and wear high heels all the time- no hills! walking up them makes your legs tired anyways, and walking down them puts all your weight on your poor little toes. ahh, the joys of Eastern Canada.

but these shoes "clicked" today. they didn't "clump." so yay!

that's today. I promise I'll be more interesting soon. getting used to the whole nine-to-five bit.