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this was a long time comin', so it gets a post all to itself!
fashion in the 60s. :o)

the 60s are definitely the hardest fashion decade to define...mostly because there was so much in it! fashion went every which way and there were a bunch of subcategories of style. each of those is epitomized by a 60s fashion icon, so here they are, along with the characteristics of their style niche.

I had to start with Jackie O for two reasons; one, she's fabulous, and two, she represented the style of the early 60s. so it's chronological this way.

Jackie was the definition of chic. she was classy, elegant, and simple, and led the way for ladies fashion. in the early 60s women wore dress suits, pillbox hats, pastels, and sheath dresses a la Ms. President. and of course, who could forget her classic giant sunglasses? like I said, chic!

next up, another classic icon, and a personal favourite- Audrey Hepburn. throughout the 60s Audrey epitomized grace and demure, lady-like style. she wore the 60s skinny pant, shift dress, and pixie cut with superb elegance. she kind of portrayed the connection of the 60s lady and the mod girl, with sleek lines and simple outfits. she was amazing, beautiful, and talented. my favourite quote about her is "this woman, single-handedly, may make bosoms a thing of the past." gotta love a flat-chested gal who can still look hot!

I had a hard time choosing photos for her because there are so many iconic images- but I went with the ones that showed her versatility, quirkiness, and class.

also going on in the 60s was the mod look. I'm not personally a big fan of the psychedelic prints or go go boots, but I do like mini dresses! the introduction of the mini skirt in the decade gave women more options of dress styles and added a completely new take on women's fashion. so of course I couldn't choose anyone to represent the mod 60s other than Edie Sedgewick and Twiggy!

these hotties personified mod-girl rocker chic. Edie had a grungy party girl thing going on, while Twiggy was the quirky ingenue. both were known for their mini dresses, opaque tights, pixie hair cuts, and dark eye make up. the mod look involved a lot of spacey, plastic-looking fabrics and black and white colour palettes, but also included the baby doll dress and kitten heels for a sort of little-girl-grows-up look.

then of course at the end of the decade the hippie movement blew in and a whole new style was introduced. the 60s were a time overflowing with fashion inspiration and invention. to sum up, here are some of the things that were popular at some point in the ten year art show:
-sheath dresses (fitted, straight-cut)
-pillbox hats
-understated accessories
-skinny pants
-mini dresses/skirts
-shift dresses (straight, almost boxy- the more mod look)
-go go boots
-short hair
-"wiggle dress" (tight at the hem-women had to wiggle as they walked!)
-head scarves
-bell bottoms
-big, bold prints
-paisley (hippie prints, basically!)
-chiffon blouses/button downs

there is soooo much to the 60s. definitely the most diverse fashion era. and I haven't even covered everything! I do, however, have some of my favourite 60s looks from some pretty awesome movies, so they can serve as further examples of the versatile look of the 60s.

first, one of my favourite actresses and favourite movies- Alison Lohman in Big Fish. I think she is timeless and breathtakingly beautiful in this movie, and her hair makes me envious. I love the waves.

here's some of the chiffon I was talking about. she looks gorgeous in blue. I love the pretty, detailed dresses.

I really do like the movie Walk the Line, but honestly, one of the things I found most fascinating in it was Reese Witherspoon's wardrobe! I wanted every dress and every pair of shoes. I don't know if the whole movie takes place in the 60s, but at least some of it does.

beautifully detailed, feminine dresses- and those high heels! love it. and I loved Reese in this movie, I was totally rooting for her at the Oscars.

okay. so I think I may have finally covered it? I don't know. probably not. the 60s were complicated! but what a great decade for fashion. you could be whoever you wanted. I'm personally all about the Jackie O look and the wiggle dresses. I have a few great vintage pieces from the 60s.

I'm sufficiently inspired.

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Crystal Card said...

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