watercoloured wonderful

whaddup blogger??

today is a special dayyy. it's my Brandon's birthday! I've been running around getting presents and birthday cake and now I'm just waiting for him to come home so the fun can begin. I love birthdays.

only two and a half hours to go! in the meantime, here's yesterday's outfit.

I hunted this dress down after seeing it on The Clothes Horse. it was totally worth it- I'm in love.
it reminds me of a Monet painting. oh hearts. :o)

dress- h&m
burgundy tights (underneath)- joe fresh fr. dominion
green pattern tights- costa blanca
boots- costa blanca

for how much I love this dress I really wish I'd done more justice to it. I felt cute in the outfit, but I think it could have been more...WOW. but the idea was to keep it simple and focus on the dress, and to also keep warm. hence the turtle neck and layered tights. definitely one of my favourite dresses, though.

I'm dying for a Vogue. it feels like forever since I've read one! I must go on the hunt later for the november issue.
I've been doing a good job not shopping for myself lately (for the most part!), but I've actually been re-imagining my whole wardrobe. I love my copious amounts of dresses, and my t-shirt collection is pretty much complete. but I want to add some key fashion pieces.

mostly I want heels. tons and tons of heels in every colour and style. I've vowed that from now on I'll only buy heels. I've got plenty of flats for now. oh- with the exception of these amazing studded leather boots in Spring. I want them so bad. but I'm holding out and hoping for Christmas.
anywho. I'm a little scared about the heels business. I have the worst balance and weak ankles. and they hurt my feet soooo bad. but I'm just gonna have to suck it up and ease into it! I'm going to start low, like those green vintage shoes I have, and work my way up to these Sex and the City heels I bought two years ago and wore twice. I'm trying to grow, here.

back to the studded boots; I really want more edgy pieces to incorporate into my wardrobe. I'd love to have studded jeans or a belt to toughen up some of my girly stuff. and fur! I'm so into fur right now. I really want a vest, and I love fur-trimmed collars on cardigans and coats. and I would love to have a completely sequined dress. and a skirt, for that matter. possibly even a tank top. basically I want to add a little pizzaz to my wardrobe.

other than that, the only thing I'm wishing for is a killer leather skirt. oh. and maybe a denim one.

...I'm trying so hard to keep my closet at a manageable level but I'm just itching to expand! I think I have a disease.

kay well, back to waiting for Brando. so pumped for tonight!
more later.