something old, something new

today was my last day working for The Commoner!
I can't believe five weeks has gone by already. feels like I'm just getting started at the paper, and now it's time for internships. oi! scary, but exciting too.

my internship's here in Halifax at the Coast, which is basically an alternative, more artsy paper for a younger readership. I really like the content, so hopefully the work experience will be just as pleasant. I'm really nervous though. I'm still not used to this city, so digging up creative story ideas is proving very difficult. and that's a very important asset to have if you're looking for jobs.

ideally, of course, I'll just get hired at British Vogue or Rolling Stone immediately after graduating and would be totally in my element and perfectly happy, even if it was just getting coffee for Plum Sykes or picking up the mail.

I actually emailed Vogue and RS about internships...but of course didn't get a reply. I wasn't really expecting anything, but I was at least hoping they'd notice that I was interested. oh well. I'll give myself ten years. :o)

anyways, outfit!
today's ensemble features the "Kyla topknot," which was lovingly demonstrated by its namesake on her fabulous blog Blue Collar Catwalk. I don't have as much hair as she does, so it was an interesting take, but I liked how it turned out.

this top's a little..well, over the top, haha. but I like it and I've never seen anyone else wearing it, which is a plus! the saleslady said no one else bought it because it was "ugly on", which I thought was a funny thing to say if she was trying to make a sale...
anywho it looks kind of poofy here, but I don't even care!

top- billabong 
sweater- smart set
jeans- seduction 
boots- charlotte russe
belt- stolded from best bud
earrings- gift from my dad

today after production I went to see the Olympic torch! it was on its way through Halifax this evening and I went with Brando and a girl from school. I really didn't expect sooo many people to be there, but there was a huge shindig with a concert and dancers and an aerialist...goodness! and I'm really bad at estimating crowd numbers (another bad flaw for a budding journalist) but apparently there were a few thousand people there.

I was mostly hoping to get a glimpse of Sidney Crosby, but unclear advertising misled me and I didn't find him. tear.

it was fun, though. freezing cold, but fun. we got free light-up coca cola bottles and laughed at the totally cheesy song coke wrote for the Games. and afterwards we got Burrito Jax. yummm, spicy.

all in all, a nice day! and thanks to those who left kind comments on my last post, it made me feel much better, and now- no more crankiness. :o)

hope you all had a nice day too.


Tieka, Selective Potential said...

sooo cute! love your topknot! :D

Kyla said...

The hair looks awesome! It's supposed to be over the top! :)