my grown-up Christmas list

hello, pals!

so I thought to mix it up a bit I'd add something other than an outfit post today. work wasn't all that eventful, so I was reading What I Wore and she posted a Christmas wish list. so I kind of made up my own at work...mind you, I already knew I wanted these things, I just thought it would be fun to tell you what I would like if money were no object.
because there is no way I'm getting any of these things. well, maybe one. but just because I think Brandon asked for it. guess which one that is, haha.

here are my (material) Christmas wishes, in no particular order.






1. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle: I went to the Bay the other day to pick up some makeup, and I stopped by the fragrance counter to possibly pick up something for my mom. I was checking out Chanel No.5 cause it's classic and my mom would actually recognize it, but I decided against it since she can't wear perfume to work or church, so that pretty much leaves her life scent-free.
I did, however, make myself want Coco Mademoiselle oh so badly! it smells AMAZING. I don't even like perfume that much, but I love how this one smells and would totally wear it every day to feel classy and pretty.

2. Lush Winter Wonderland gift set: I can't help it, I want everything from there. especially their Christmas stuff. add to that the Christmas sparkler bath bomb and sparkly bubble bar, too.

3. Spring boots: these are the boots I have declared to be my last flat purchase. of course that's an exaggeration, but I want them soooo much. a girl needs black boots. leather ones. with studs. rawr.
these I guess are a possibility cause they're not real expensive, but I'll but them myself at some point anyways. 

4. New Super Mario Bros.: what can I say, I'm a sucker for Mario games! they're the only good ones anyways. so excited that this came out for wii.

5. MAC eye bag in Naughty Noir: I want many colours of MAC eyeshadows. but this is a good start for all the other stuff I want with them. like liquid eyeliner and mascara.

6. Classic Chanel handbag: I'll never get a Chanel bag. all I want is one- the classic black quilted with a chain. but I know I'll never get one, from myself or anyone else, for sure! Brandon would probably kill me if I bought one, anyways.
I'm not even a big brand name person, I just think it's iconic and perfect.

7. Seychelles blimey in whiskey: I really want these Seychelles because they look exactly like a brown version of my h&m ones! but they're $90+ shipping, more than I'd spend on shoes, and the heel is 4 inches. too high, possibly?

8. SLR camera: last but not least...a better camera, with all the fixin's! I don't necessarily prefer a Canon, I'd be fine with a Nikon too. but I want a tripod, and one of those big flashes for pictures inside, and a wide-angle lens! and a very detailed manual telling me how to use all those things.

anyway, that's my list, so if any of you readers are really rich or something... you know what to do.

just thought it needed to be said.


Laura said...

One of the parents of my students in Korea gave me Coco Mademoiselle as a present. I am sparing it along. It's my FAVOURITE.

Crystal Card said...

IF money were no object I'd add a Berkin Bag to that list... sigh, the ultimate awesome perfect handbag... If only.. swoon