life's for the living, so check me tomorrow

ugh. ran out of time in the day again. better posts are to come, I promise.
I'm losing hope and inspiration day by day and seeking it out again a little at a time.

but I really liked today's outfit.

I've never worn this dress this way before, but I was inspired by the clothes horse to make it something completely new. and I love it! I already have a red sweater version planned to wear home over the holidays, because it's so cozy and Christmas-y.

dress- second hand
sweater- buffalo jeans fr. costco
tights- we love colors
necklace- modcloth
boots- spring

also, that's my audrey hepburn pocket watch necklace, which I sadly discovered no longer tells time correctly. I wonder if it would be worth the money to fix it...

alrighty, off to bed again! the days are just flying by...before I know it, I'll be home with my family for Christmas, snacking on tea and homemade cookies and watching hockey.
mmm, can't wait.

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issye margaretha kamal said...

your blog is so amazing . i really hearrt your blog . love it :))