it takes two

two posts in one day? why it's unheard of!

just my outfit, don't get too excited. :o)

flats today, to give my toes a break!

dress- Modcloth
cardigan- thrifted, value village
tights- we love colours & joe fresh (2 pairs again!)
boots- charlotte russe

man, blogger massacres photos. but everyone else's seem to look so good! any tips, anybody?
I don't think it's the pixels, cause my little canon is actually pretty good on that front.

kaykay. back to real life.



tieka said...

I love your ModCloth dress and your cardigan is such a great find! I find that when I upload my pictures right through blogspot, they turn out pixely, but I don't know. I upload them through flickr and just add them that way. If that makes sense. Hee!
selective potential

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Awesome dress!
P.S. On pictures, are you uploading directly to Blogger? It's usually better to upload to a hosting site and then link to Blogger.

Blackbird Fly said...

I loooove the combo of yellow and maroon! You really, really seem to have an eye for colors!

As for pics: try playing around with the lighting. Lighting is the KEY to photography, or so I'm finding more and more with my own pictures. Try outdoors--natural lighting works wonders :)

Kyla said...

That dress is so cute!

Leproust Vintage said...

I love that dress, and how you mixed patterns!