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hello, all!
I just got back from watching An Education. it was a great movie, and I must say I wish I'd watched it before doing my 60s fashion post- the lead character's dresses were just amazing.

but, the 60s have been covered, and now it's time to move on!

I must say, the 70s aren't my favourite fashion decade. there's some great hair, AWESOME music, and pretty wrap dresses, but for the most part the style's a little flashy and garish for me.

nonetheless, it's worth exploring. and I do love that it was really when "vintage" was first appreciated; women started shopping at second-hand stores for 30s and 40s style dresses. yay thrifting!

the 70s are not without their cool. I love Boston, the Eagles, That 70's Show (I used to watch it all the time with my dad) and of course Almost Famous. Penny Lane is not only a fabulous character, she's a pretty good example of 70s attire.

sadly, this was the only good picture I could get. I really wanted the still of my favourite scene, where she's dancing in the empty arena with the roses, but this coat is pretty iconic too. and very 70s chic. isn't Kate Hudson gorgeous?

anyway. there's also Joni Mitchell, who is actually from that decade. she wasn't exactly known for her fashion sense, but she does typify the style of the time, with her long, straight hair and short dresses.

how cute is she in this photo?! I love the shoes, and a guitar and a smile are always the best accessories. 

and let's not forget one of my favourite 70s chicas- Debbie Harry! after finally getting to see her live a couple weeks ago- yay!- I was re-inspired by her iconic, glam-rock style. glam and sparkles were big in the 70s. hot pants, sequins, halter tops- everyone loved a little pizzaz (or a lot).

Debbie also headed the punky trend for girls, which was a lot like the glam rock with more peroxide. :o)

she was also, as you can see, supportive of the mini-skirt obsession. and she was totally cool.

those are the things I like about the 70s. I also came across these awesome pictures from Swingtown; I've never seen the show, I just came across the pictures by accident. and the wardrobe is awesome and perfectly 70s.

wrap dresses were really popular, and so were two-toned pieces (like in the first picture). boho and plaid were pattern favourites, and hairstyles varied from super-straight and long, to short-ish waves, to the "Farrah flip." I thought Swingtown had some great examples of these things, and I love the colourful pictures.

so I know this seems like a really broad, generalized look at 70s fashion, but that's because like the 60s, the era was very diverse! the hippie look carried over, glam-rock came on the scene, and disco had a huge influence. the 70s were all about showing some skin with a whole lotta glitz.
some fashion favourites:
- cropped tops
- mexican-style embroidered blouses
- suede!
- mini skirts
- sequins
- bell bottoms
- high-waist pants
- wrap dresses
- the "peasant look"
- fringe
- vests
- tie-dye
- halters
- tube tops & spahetti straps
- platform shoes (of course!)
- flimsy, flamboyant fabrics for shirts
- ripped jeans
- leather jackets
- androgyny

see, so many things to list! and there's more, but I simply could not name them all. you'll know a 70s trend when you see it. it was the era that ushered in scantilly clad women and flamboyant men. and let's not forget disco- no matter how it may make me shudder.

that, in the nutshell, is the 70s!
a very small nutshell. like maybe a hazelnut.
(mmm, nutella is delicious!)
I hope it gives somewhat of an idea of the fashion era, anyways.



Moomby said...

thanks for all the amazing images! hudson is beautiful and i love her coat. d harry is iconic and i love her!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

love this post! im in love love love with penny lane (kate hudson) in almost famous. i love that scene of her with the rose petals.. and the acoustic guitar like music when his mom is calling him with the whistle.. eeep gets me every time! hahah, off on a tangent there, but i just looove that movie. :)