gonna show this town how to kiss the stars

happy Remembrance Day, Canadians.

I'm not sure if that's the proper holiday greeting, but happiness seems like a good wish on any day.
today was production day, so no holiday for me I'm afraid. but Brandon did bring me sushi for supper while I was hard at work. :o) happy prevails. 

with all the fun of yesterday I forgot to mention that I did get my Vogue while I was Christmas shopping at Chapters. it has several of my favourite leading ladies on the cover- Marion Cotillard, Kate Hudson- and I'm so excited to see the movie Nine! Daniel Day Lewis only makes movies that are going to win Oscars, so I'm pretty sure I won't be disappointed. 

and I got a Rolling Stone in the mail on the same day! lucky me. 

...but you don't want to hear about this! 
here's me today;

I searched high and low for the perfect purple vintage dress, and I finally found it! I love this one's simplicity, pretty pattern, and colour. it's just what I was looking for.

dress- vintage fr. topdrawervintage on etsy
sweater- fairweather
belt- chinese laundry fr. envy
tights- ardene's
socks- ardene's
shoes- vintage fr. pineapplemint on etsy
earrings- rw&co

I was FINALLY able to do photos outside today! so excited, even though I didn't stray from the front of my apartment building. it was nice to be out in the natural light for once. this was right before I headed off to be locked in a computer newsroom for six hours.
I miss the fall leaves, though. I wish they didn't fall so very quickly.

Kings of Leon in my title, by the way. if you find most of my post titles don't make sense, it's probably because I try to use song lyrics every time. it's something I used to do in my livejournal, and my msn name, and I thought I'd carry it over to this. I find it makes me appreciate lyrics every day.

well, that's all!
hope you had a lovely day.

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Kristy said...

oh the dress is so beautiful. love the flowers on one of the shoulders and the color is just the perfect vintage purple :) :)