girls just wanna have fun

my, how time flies.
another weekend gone by, another lazy day at home,  another outfit post. :o)

I was moody today. I've gotten over not liking Halifax and just made the best of it and been happy with the simple kind of life. but now it's not so much loneliness as boredom. even though I'm perfectly content just watching movies and drinking lattes for entertainment, after a while life with just the two of us gets kind of monotonous.
I really miss having friends. there's only so much you can do with two people and no money.
but, I'm not letting it get to me too much. 40 days till Christmas, after all! and just 34 days till I go home to my family. and 44 days till New York. so soon enough I'll have TONS to be happy about.

...that, and my loan comes in soon and I plan on buying some shoes as an early Christmas gift to myself.
sweet, sweet retail therapy.

only left the house for about an hour all day, but I decided to dress up anyway. 
why not?
(sorry for the wrinkles!)

dress- Esley fr. envy
scarf- fr. posie row 
tights- we love colors
shoes- primark

the first time I saw this scarf I knew I had to have it. it's like a liquid rainbow! it shimmers different colours when it moves. aaand it's 100% silk. booyah.

oh, and yesterday! well the outfit photos came out kind of bad- I tried to take them outside, but it was getting dark so the flash made me look like a glow stick. but it was a cute outfit, so I'll post one anyways.

this is the modcloth dress that I'm in love with, but doesn't love me back. 
it kept ripping because it was too small for my voluptuous I decided to use it as a top from now on. this is its fresh start.

dress/shirt- modcloth
shorts- bluenotes
cardigan- zara
belt- bizou
tights- modcloth
boots- spring

I wore this to a basketball game with one of our only pals in this city- Brando's school buddy Kristen. we saw MUN(old school) play Dal(new school). I'm not usually one for basketball, but it was fun. and afterwards we got Christmas lattes at starbucks. :o) it was nice to go out and enjoy god conversation.

well, I guess that's my weekend recap! I wish this weekend were longer. who am I kidding...I wish all weekends were longer.
sleepy eyes are kicking in.
time to say goodnight.


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Kristin said...

Your outfits are adorable! I especially like the second one! I remember when I was in college, and every quarter my student loan came in (not sure if this is the loan you were speaking of) I would allow myself one large shopping trip! haha! :) Good for you!