colour me your colour, baby

so begins another week...and I have a wave of photos coming your way!

I hope everyone had a lovely halloween weekend! I'm loving some of the costume pics, very creative. I myself went a little simpler since I've used up most of my ideas and moulah.

dress- suzy shier
gloves- h&m
peacock feather- real! a gift
beads- claire's
shoes- vintage
tights- ardene's, with diy seams

I know a flapper is a little over done, but I thought it went really well with my plans- a Blondie concert at a casino. seemed like a classy, sassy setting.
the boyfriend went the complete opposite direction...

ain't he a darling?
we had fun at the concert- it was more of a novelty thing, seeing BLONDIE. irl, ya know? but it was really great. Debbie Harry is oldddd now, haha. but she can still rock- the girl knows what she's at.
after we tried to rent Hocus Pocus, but alas, all copies were out! should have seen that coming. it's just not halloween without some Bette Midler.
but we cut our losses, got some reeeally unhealthy food, and went home and drank red wine. not the most exciting friday night, but I couldn't ask for better company. :o)

now for outfit pictures for saturday and sunday (I know, I'm behind. slacker tendencies).

lazy saturday outfit- I'm not the biggest fan, but I love all these piece indiviually.
and I like my hair...even though I think it's a little too fancy-looking for the outfit. but I didn't mean to! I just shoved it up with bobby pins and it turned out this way.

top- fr. envy
cardigan- kersh
jeans- seduction (suuuper stretchy!)
shoes- converse
coat- vera moda, fr. pseudio
scarf- old navy

dress- old navy
long sleeve tee- primark
tights- we love colors
boots- primark

after I got my tattoo I was kind of drawn to one-shouldered dresses. I liked them anyways, but now I had a new reason- they showed off my body art! this dress was one of the purchases that came out of that. once I tried it on, I knew I had to have it.

so that's my weekend, in a nutshell.
oh, and we caught our mouse friend. unfortunately, he did not survive the encounter. :o( I feel bad. but he was just too smart for us to catch any other way!
poor mousey.

I've taken up enough cyber space for now. here's to the beginning of a good week!

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Kristin said...

Your costume is gorgeous, and you look stunning in it!! I am SO jealous that you saw Blondie....I bet it was amazing!!

Thank you for your kind words and well wishes!