a change of mind

hmm. I started off liking today's outfit. it looked really good in my head. I didn't want to wear black boots because I thought it was too matchy-matchy, but without any black down bottom I thought it looked a little loosey goosey. thus, the black legwarmers. I love legwarmers, but looking at the photos I feel like it was too much.
and the colours are kind of a punch in the face. I don't know, I'm not feeling it. and I don't like how intense the red and yellow are with the stark contrast of the black.
and I hate how the black looks when I upload it. can't see any definition! my pretty cardigan looks like an inky blob.
oh well. maybe it's just me being irritable.

dress- modcloth
cardigan- forever 21
tights- modcloth
legwarmers- present
boots- shop in Paris
necklace (below)- buenostyle on etsy

I must sound cranky, but it was really a nice day. well, except that the people I was supposed to talk to for my story this week never called. that was unfortunate. but I still got a movie review in. and I also found out Target doesn't ship to Canada, after getting so excited about the oodles of adorable shoes I had picked out. I was kind of depressed after finding that out, haha.
but other than that... I made fajitas, Brando and I went out for coffee, and we watched Holiday Inn snuggled up on the couch. ahh, I love that Bing Crosby. what a charmer.
I've got to say though, this was my firsh Fred Astaire film and I was impressed! although his character kept screwing over Bing's character, so I was obliged to dislike him. naturally.

anywho, that was today. I hope you like the outfit more than I do. :oS



Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

The color of the tights and the dress look so nice together. It is really hard to catch details on black and white garments; I never get the shots I want with those either.

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I think the outfit is lovely! The dress is pretty, the tights definitely add and I think the black leg warmers tie the cardigan in. You're your own worst critic! I'm the same way!

Sarah K. said...

thanks for the encouragement ladies! you're so sweet. :)