build me up buttercup

I wish I had a tripod and a camera I know how to work. maybe then I could a) take pictures outside where it's harder to look ugly, and b) actually like an outfit photo for once. :oS

I'm loving this vintage dress! I was a little put off by the giant shoulder pads, but I have tiny shoulders anyway. so it's hardly noticeable. 
I thought I'd accessorize with a sweater rather than just wearing the dress as-is like usual. going for variety, here!

dress- vintage fr. monkeydarling on etsy
sweater/vest- costa blanca
belt- smart set
tights- joe fresh
boots- spring

I did really like the outfit today. I kind of saved it for today's "special occasion" cause Brando and I were supposed to go out for supper with a friend...but she got sick. oh well. we went out anyways for sushi (again! yum) so the dress at least got out of the house.

I watched the finale for America's Next Top Model last night! it was soooo good. both girls were my favourites right from the beginning, so I really didn't care which one won. but I'm kind of sad it's over now! I looked forward to my wednesday nights at home, wrestling the remote away from Brandon and his basketball.

AND. good news- I got my grant cheque (part of my student loan that I don't have to pay back) todayyyy!! shopping trip tomorrow? yes yes. not for me of course. for Christmas.
...and maybe a thing or two for me.
so no class + money + the whole day free + mic mac mall = lovely friday for Sarah. mmhmm.

also, need to get John Mayer's new album. and start listening to more of the Submarines. and Adele. while getting reacquainted with the Chilli Peppers...hmm. music loving is a lot of work. :oS


Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

That dress is adorable and this is a lovely way to wear it for fall!

Malu Swartjes said...

Cute outfit!


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Wild as a Mink said...

Ok, I'm loving how you put this outfit together! All the layers look fantastic!