all along the western front

hola friends!

I hope everyone's weekend is going fabulously. I really appreciate the comments you've been leaving, they always bring a big smile to my face. it makes me feel nice to know people are reading- even if you don't comment, thanks for reading! I hope someone besides me is enjoying this blog.

I have two outfits for you today because last night I got a little distracted. Brando and I rented UP! I was so excited to see it again, it's so cute and funny. I love Disney movies, I'm such a dork. I think they're the funniest. anyways, we were watching and I helped myself to a bottle of red wine, so blog updating was not the first thing on my mind, haha.

so this is actually thursday's getup.

pants day! this is my first pair of aeropostale jeans, and I will never go back. they fit so well! I definitely want another pair, but I can't justify buying jeans when I only wear them like, once a week. 
but when I do need a new pair, I know where to go!
and I really need to wear these boots more, I love them.

tunic- h&m
belt- chinese laundry fr. envy
jeans- aeropostale
boots- spring
scarf- street vendor in London

now yesterday's outfit; I FINALLY got my loan papers, so this is what I wore for running around town to the bank, the post office, and a quick trip to Biscuit (one of the only stores here that carries Kensie). there was no risk of buying anything because until my loan comes in, I literally have $0.
I also treated myself to some McDonald's...yesterday was not a healthy food day. :oS

dress- zara
cardigan- forever 21
tights- primark
shoes- converse

can you say bed head? I overslept and spent the day with messy hair. 
I love this dress from Zara though. I wore it when we visited Versailles, and now whenever I wear it I'm reminded of Marie Antoinette's estates. it's probably also because of the french-ish floral print and empire waist.

and now I've got to get dressed for today's outfit picture. yes, yes, I'm still in my pyjamas. it's saturday!
I'm off to get sushi and see a basketball game tonight.
weekends are so GREAT.


ps. the title is from an MGMT song that's been stuck in my head for three days. it's awesome. but this is really the only line I know!


Laura said...

The Zara dress looks pretty sheer, is it? And if so, what do you put on under it? I always have that problem with dresses - fear that they are see-through!

Sarah K. said...

it's not very sheer in least, I never noticed! sometimes I wear tank tops and spandex shorts under my dresses if I think people will see my butt.

Laura said...

haha I have this one satiny nightgown that I usually wear under dresses, since I find most of the ones I own are slightly see-through. Problem is it's BRIGHT purple. Maybe the tanktop and shorts are a better option!