and so another week begins. here's what I wore to kick it off...

dress- h&m
hat- aldo
cardigan- american eagle fr. winners
tights- we love colors
shoes- fr. pineapplemint on etsy
necklace (below)- modcloth

now that I'm all caught up with my outfits, I can actually keep you updated on things like, oh, life! for starters, today was a painful one. quite literally- I felt physically miserable. I let my hypochondriac mom convince me to get the stupid H1N1 vaccine, and I'm so regretting it. I've got every one of the side effects, and it's almost as bad as actually having the flu! my whole body aches, I've had chills off and on all day, I'm fatigued, and I believe I had a slight fever at one point. arg. this is what I get for giving in.

I don't really believe in getting every shot and taking all the drugs people put out there these days- I personally think it's driven by paranoia and weakens our natural immune systems. it's true. but I also wanted my parents to quit bugging me about it, so I thought, what's the harm?

I got my answer. owie.

adding to that, "work" was painfully boring. I'm sort of jealous of the students who are out there and actually writing things every day, even if it does sound stressful- one guy's first task was to call a US presidential candidate! I don't think I'd like that kind of stuff all the same, but I'd still rather be busy and getting stories published than bored out of my skull in front of a computer all day.

I guess this Coast internship isn't all its cut out to be, but I still think I'm making good connections. and whatever, it's only three more weeks.

I suppose that wasn't the most entertaining anecdote, was it? I'm not sure how much of this blog should be journal-esque and how much should just be fashion talk. I guess there's no harm in my (very small number of) readers getting to know me a little. :o)

but don't worry, there will be more of the fashion stuff as soon as my brain stops melting and my back stops hurting.

here's to a better tuesday!

can only go up from here

hello, all!

my oh my, I hate to be cliche, but it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
okay, more like feel a lot like Christmas. there's still no snow, but it's freezing. and all the Christmasy things are starting to happen, and I can actually start talking about Christmas shopping in public without people thinking I'm cuckoo.
I'm soooo excited.

amidst all the gloom the last couple of days I forgot to mention that I have a lot to look forward too now! there's, obviously, the holidays; going home, seeing my family, having home cooked meals, visiting my dear friends, and of course Christmas itself.
then New York!! shopping, Broadway, the Met, shopping, Rockafeller center, Central Park, and did I
AND I've been going crazy with the concert ticket-buying lately. I've got tickets to see Hey Rosetta!, Tegan & Sara, Hawksley Workman, and JOHN MAYER. that's right, Brandon and I worked out our budgets and we're spending Valentine's day in Toronto hangin' with JM.
and you're the first to know. :o)
I've never been to Toronto...I have no idea what to do there for two days, but at least I'll be able to say I've been.

okay, that's all I have to say today.

yeahhh I decided to go with a praying mantis should see the other photos. it's like I was beating on Brandon.
anywho, I think this top is adorable! I knew I had to have it because of my obsession with ketchup. I pretty much put it on everything.

t-shirt- delia's
skirt- modcloth
cardigan- forever 21
hat- Paris street vendor
boots- charlotte russe

hehe there were a bunch of ridiculous pictures for today too...I thought the progression was kind of funny. subdued to nutty in three frames. 

dress (as skirt)- Esley fr. envy
sweater- next fr. discount store
scarf- London street vendor
boots- sears
tights- modcloth

the tights are actually polka dotted, which I like about the outfit. so I'll post a detail pic tomorrow. for now, it's bedtime!

farewell, weekend. I can't wait to see you again.

I am a mountain like you said to be

whoa, little bit of a lag between blogging days here! oops.
I have some photos for youuuu. my outfits for thursday and friday, because yes I am that behind.

I finally tried the belted scarf thing! I'm such a band wagon-jumper...

dress- fr. Winners
scarf- h&m
long sleeve tee- gap
belt- thrifted
tights- primark
shoes- h&m

mmm, messy hair...I like it for a friday. :o)

shirt- h&m
pants- h&m
booties- primark

apparently I could be an h&m add lately! I wish.

I tried uploading using flickr, this time..I'm not sure if it worked or not, but hopefully soon I'll be able to take photos outside anyways, so that will probably help. thanks for your suggestions! it was so nice of you all to help.

the reason I didn't post yesterday was because, honestly, it was a pretty rotten day.

I've been getting along quite nicely with Halifax lately, but yesterday I was reminded of the things I don't like about living here. mostly it's how difficult it's been to make any sort of connection here. I'm finding it really hard to make friends and I'm not used to that. I mean, I'm okay with it being just me and Brandon if that's the way it goes. that's all I need. but when I'm trying so hard to connect with people and getting nowhere... it feels lonely.

I really like some of the people who've been in my classes, and some of the people I'm working with now. but it's kind of hard to talk to these people. I feel like every time I open my mouth they think I'm retarded, and we always run out of things to say pretty quickly. it's awkward. I know it's always awkward at the beginning, but trust me, this is like they'd really rather not be talking to me.

so friday every attempt at making conversation I made totally bombed and the day was horribly awkward in general. on top of that, everyone just completely freaked me out about ever getting a job (which I am constantly worried about anyways) and now I feel like I'm spending copious amounts of money to wind up working at a McDonald's.

but of course I feel much better now. thank goodness for lovely boyfriends who draw you bubble baths and take you to movies and buy you cheeseburgers. :o) and I promised myself a long time ago that I would find beauty in everything, and that includes my new Halifax life.

...long story short, we saw The Road and it was awesomeeee. I'd love to ramble about it but I think I've rambled enough for one entry. all I will say is it's heart wrenching and strangely beautiful.

on another note, I just want to say thanks to anyone who reads this and those who take the time to comment. I get so excited when I see that people have actually been reading! really it makes me feel just swell. especially since you're all so cool and stylish yourselves. so thank you!

sorry for accosting you with text!
love, Sarah

it takes two

two posts in one day? why it's unheard of!

just my outfit, don't get too excited. :o)

flats today, to give my toes a break!

dress- Modcloth
cardigan- thrifted, value village
tights- we love colours & joe fresh (2 pairs again!)
boots- charlotte russe

man, blogger massacres photos. but everyone else's seem to look so good! any tips, anybody?
I don't think it's the pixels, cause my little canon is actually pretty good on that front.

kaykay. back to real life.


my grown-up Christmas list

hello, pals!

so I thought to mix it up a bit I'd add something other than an outfit post today. work wasn't all that eventful, so I was reading What I Wore and she posted a Christmas wish list. so I kind of made up my own at work...mind you, I already knew I wanted these things, I just thought it would be fun to tell you what I would like if money were no object.
because there is no way I'm getting any of these things. well, maybe one. but just because I think Brandon asked for it. guess which one that is, haha.

here are my (material) Christmas wishes, in no particular order.






1. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle: I went to the Bay the other day to pick up some makeup, and I stopped by the fragrance counter to possibly pick up something for my mom. I was checking out Chanel No.5 cause it's classic and my mom would actually recognize it, but I decided against it since she can't wear perfume to work or church, so that pretty much leaves her life scent-free.
I did, however, make myself want Coco Mademoiselle oh so badly! it smells AMAZING. I don't even like perfume that much, but I love how this one smells and would totally wear it every day to feel classy and pretty.

2. Lush Winter Wonderland gift set: I can't help it, I want everything from there. especially their Christmas stuff. add to that the Christmas sparkler bath bomb and sparkly bubble bar, too.

3. Spring boots: these are the boots I have declared to be my last flat purchase. of course that's an exaggeration, but I want them soooo much. a girl needs black boots. leather ones. with studs. rawr.
these I guess are a possibility cause they're not real expensive, but I'll but them myself at some point anyways. 

4. New Super Mario Bros.: what can I say, I'm a sucker for Mario games! they're the only good ones anyways. so excited that this came out for wii.

5. MAC eye bag in Naughty Noir: I want many colours of MAC eyeshadows. but this is a good start for all the other stuff I want with them. like liquid eyeliner and mascara.

6. Classic Chanel handbag: I'll never get a Chanel bag. all I want is one- the classic black quilted with a chain. but I know I'll never get one, from myself or anyone else, for sure! Brandon would probably kill me if I bought one, anyways.
I'm not even a big brand name person, I just think it's iconic and perfect.

7. Seychelles blimey in whiskey: I really want these Seychelles because they look exactly like a brown version of my h&m ones! but they're $90+ shipping, more than I'd spend on shoes, and the heel is 4 inches. too high, possibly?

8. SLR camera: last but not least...a better camera, with all the fixin's! I don't necessarily prefer a Canon, I'd be fine with a Nikon too. but I want a tripod, and one of those big flashes for pictures inside, and a wide-angle lens! and a very detailed manual telling me how to use all those things.

anyway, that's my list, so if any of you readers are really rich or something... you know what to do.

just thought it needed to be said.

your black & white needs a little bit of red

another quickie, darlings! ;o)

red and blue seems to be a popular colour scheme of mine lately. I guess I just like the contrast, and I just love red anyways. if I had to pick a favourite colour, today it would be red.

if you look reeeeally closely in the last photo, you can see the big buttons down the back of the dress. they're probably my favourite feature, but the flash on my camera doesn't like them. :o(
the dorky close-up is to show what colour the polka dots are, which is royal blue, if it's still not clear!
oh blogspot, how you massacre photos...

dress- vintage (my first one!), fr. Model Citizens
top- somewhere in London
belt- smart set
tights- smart set / primark (cold weather = two pairs!)
shoes- h&m

I never want to take off these shoes. and I walked for about half an hour today, so I'm feeling pretty good about my heel-training progress! but I now understand why women in New York can be so fashionable and wear high heels all the time- no hills! walking up them makes your legs tired anyways, and walking down them puts all your weight on your poor little toes. ahh, the joys of Eastern Canada.

but these shoes "clicked" today. they didn't "clump." so yay!

that's today. I promise I'll be more interesting soon. getting used to the whole nine-to-five bit.

your heels so high, your hopes so low

hey there! just a quick outfit post/ internship update before bed.

I should really have done this earlier today- my blog needs a little more variety. but my poor excuse is that there was no heat on in my apartment all day and I was so cold I was too afraid to come out from under my big blanket to even grab my laptop.

my first day at The Coast went well! I mean, it was a little dull...I think the whole thing is going to be kind of boring actually, with them getting us (there are three other interns) to do tedious things like googling for album covers and typing up event listings. but at least it's easy. so no complaints yet! hooray!

and now, yesterday's ensemble, since The Blind Side's surprising length had me run out of blogging time.
(it wasn't as bad as everyone said, btw.I thought it was sweet.)

me and my twirly pictures. I'm such a sucker for a full skirt.
this is my sunday church outfit.

top- Lush fr. pseudio
belt- smart set
scarf- I don't remember?
skirt- smart set
boots- charlotte russe

and now, today! quickly, because Brandon is falling asleep next to me. I'm a night owl, he's always had trouble staying up past 11. opposites attract.

"first day" outfit; a little dressy, but low key.
this is one of my favourite scarves! I adore all the beautiful, rich colours and the patterns.
and please excuse the messy hair- it's from huddling under the afore-mentioned blanket- but I just had to show you the back of this dress. it's so pretty in the summer, and I can't bear to cover it up with a cardigan.

dress- topshop
scarf- present, fr. h&m
long sleeve tee- costco
tights- joe fresh
shoes- spring

I thought I'd wear heels on my first day to look a little polished, and also of course to practice. probably not such a great idea for this work environment. you should have heard the awful racket I made walking across the floor! there was no chic heels "click," but more of a "clump." and the office is a big open space where all the desks are, so every time I walked across it to ask a question or get a new assignment the "clump" echoes. I felt like everyone was thinking "why is she wearing those?"

this definitely would not be a problem at Vogue.

anywho. that's it for me!
kiss kiss. :o)

ps. my hopes aren't actually low, like the title says. its from a song, obviously, and I was trying to tie it in to my heels dilemma. just so you know. I'm not sad at all. fyi.

take the money & run


well, this is a little late, but my friday was just as grand as I thought it would be.
I went Christmas shopping, and I bought alllll THIS.

shopping alone is hard work! those bags started to get heavy. and by the time I stopped into Lulu Lemon to get something for my sister I could barely look around without knocking someone over.
but it was fun! and this is all I got for myself.

can I just say.. I LOVE THESE SHOES. I finally got them, and they are heels and they are so comfortable. now if only I had a brown wardrobe would be complete. for now. 
and really, makeup's not even a splurge. I need that. 
the scarf was debated, but I decided to go for it. it's just so pretty, and I've recently decided I don't have enough square scarves. 

so I spent all day picking up presents for my family, then got the most delicious caramel brule latte at starbucks, then watched some basketball and Say Yes to the Dress. all in all a very chill day. 

I didn't realize when I picked it out that my outfit was a more "chill" version of the one from monday; flowers and stripes. what can I say, I love mixing a pattern these days. 

shirt- h&m
cardigan- walmart
pants- h&m
boots- spring

today was a little busier, but just as cool.
tonight was Brando's Christmas party for work. we all went to a dinner theatre; it was so cool. the show was cheesy, but so funny and all the performers did a fantastic job. it was 70s themed. and the food was amazing. I had lobster crepes! who knew I loved lobster so much?
of course I had to break out the new shoes.

dress- esley fr. envy
top- somewhere in London
tights- we love colors
belt- bizou
shoes- h&m

that's the weekend so far. it's really late because we ended up watching Walk The Line on tv, so it was like three hours long...but totally worth it. I wish Joaquin Phoenix hadn't gone crazy. he's so stinkin' talented.

goodnight, blog.
goodnight, moon.

build me up buttercup

I wish I had a tripod and a camera I know how to work. maybe then I could a) take pictures outside where it's harder to look ugly, and b) actually like an outfit photo for once. :oS

I'm loving this vintage dress! I was a little put off by the giant shoulder pads, but I have tiny shoulders anyway. so it's hardly noticeable. 
I thought I'd accessorize with a sweater rather than just wearing the dress as-is like usual. going for variety, here!

dress- vintage fr. monkeydarling on etsy
sweater/vest- costa blanca
belt- smart set
tights- joe fresh
boots- spring

I did really like the outfit today. I kind of saved it for today's "special occasion" cause Brando and I were supposed to go out for supper with a friend...but she got sick. oh well. we went out anyways for sushi (again! yum) so the dress at least got out of the house.

I watched the finale for America's Next Top Model last night! it was soooo good. both girls were my favourites right from the beginning, so I really didn't care which one won. but I'm kind of sad it's over now! I looked forward to my wednesday nights at home, wrestling the remote away from Brandon and his basketball.

AND. good news- I got my grant cheque (part of my student loan that I don't have to pay back) todayyyy!! shopping trip tomorrow? yes yes. not for me of course. for Christmas.
...and maybe a thing or two for me.
so no class + money + the whole day free + mic mac mall = lovely friday for Sarah. mmhmm.

also, need to get John Mayer's new album. and start listening to more of the Submarines. and Adele. while getting reacquainted with the Chilli Peppers...hmm. music loving is a lot of work. :oS

something old, something new

today was my last day working for The Commoner!
I can't believe five weeks has gone by already. feels like I'm just getting started at the paper, and now it's time for internships. oi! scary, but exciting too.

my internship's here in Halifax at the Coast, which is basically an alternative, more artsy paper for a younger readership. I really like the content, so hopefully the work experience will be just as pleasant. I'm really nervous though. I'm still not used to this city, so digging up creative story ideas is proving very difficult. and that's a very important asset to have if you're looking for jobs.

ideally, of course, I'll just get hired at British Vogue or Rolling Stone immediately after graduating and would be totally in my element and perfectly happy, even if it was just getting coffee for Plum Sykes or picking up the mail.

I actually emailed Vogue and RS about internships...but of course didn't get a reply. I wasn't really expecting anything, but I was at least hoping they'd notice that I was interested. oh well. I'll give myself ten years. :o)

anyways, outfit!
today's ensemble features the "Kyla topknot," which was lovingly demonstrated by its namesake on her fabulous blog Blue Collar Catwalk. I don't have as much hair as she does, so it was an interesting take, but I liked how it turned out.

this top's a little..well, over the top, haha. but I like it and I've never seen anyone else wearing it, which is a plus! the saleslady said no one else bought it because it was "ugly on", which I thought was a funny thing to say if she was trying to make a sale...
anywho it looks kind of poofy here, but I don't even care!

top- billabong 
sweater- smart set
jeans- seduction 
boots- charlotte russe
belt- stolded from best bud
earrings- gift from my dad

today after production I went to see the Olympic torch! it was on its way through Halifax this evening and I went with Brando and a girl from school. I really didn't expect sooo many people to be there, but there was a huge shindig with a concert and dancers and an aerialist...goodness! and I'm really bad at estimating crowd numbers (another bad flaw for a budding journalist) but apparently there were a few thousand people there.

I was mostly hoping to get a glimpse of Sidney Crosby, but unclear advertising misled me and I didn't find him. tear.

it was fun, though. freezing cold, but fun. we got free light-up coca cola bottles and laughed at the totally cheesy song coke wrote for the Games. and afterwards we got Burrito Jax. yummm, spicy.

all in all, a nice day! and thanks to those who left kind comments on my last post, it made me feel much better, and now- no more crankiness. :o)

hope you all had a nice day too.

a change of mind

hmm. I started off liking today's outfit. it looked really good in my head. I didn't want to wear black boots because I thought it was too matchy-matchy, but without any black down bottom I thought it looked a little loosey goosey. thus, the black legwarmers. I love legwarmers, but looking at the photos I feel like it was too much.
and the colours are kind of a punch in the face. I don't know, I'm not feeling it. and I don't like how intense the red and yellow are with the stark contrast of the black.
and I hate how the black looks when I upload it. can't see any definition! my pretty cardigan looks like an inky blob.
oh well. maybe it's just me being irritable.

dress- modcloth
cardigan- forever 21
tights- modcloth
legwarmers- present
boots- shop in Paris
necklace (below)- buenostyle on etsy

I must sound cranky, but it was really a nice day. well, except that the people I was supposed to talk to for my story this week never called. that was unfortunate. but I still got a movie review in. and I also found out Target doesn't ship to Canada, after getting so excited about the oodles of adorable shoes I had picked out. I was kind of depressed after finding that out, haha.
but other than that... I made fajitas, Brando and I went out for coffee, and we watched Holiday Inn snuggled up on the couch. ahh, I love that Bing Crosby. what a charmer.
I've got to say though, this was my firsh Fred Astaire film and I was impressed! although his character kept screwing over Bing's character, so I was obliged to dislike him. naturally.

anywho, that was today. I hope you like the outfit more than I do. :oS