you make breaking hearts look so easy


short post to give you not one, but TWO daily outfits.

t shirt- benchmark for Anberlin (band tee!)
vest- h&m
skirt- primark
hat- h&m
tights- we love colors
boots- spring

this tee has sentimental value; it's the first shirt I ever ordered on the internet, AND it's my favourite band. well, tied with the chilli's of course. but it WAS my favourite band at one point.
I had to lighten the photos so you could see the bow on my skirt, but for some reason they look really good in iphoto and kind of awful here. oh well. 

now for today's outfit:

plaid shirt- bluenotes
fringe tank top- modcloth
pants- h&m
boots- charlotte russe

I actually really like this outfit, which is surprising because I'm usually more comfortable in a dress. 
I like wearing this tank under other things; it's cooler than a plain one. 

another day, another dollar.
well, dollar less, if you're me.
it was a rough one, but there's always tomorrow.

1 comment:

Corinna said...

i like both outfits, the skirt in the first one is so cute <3 and i really like the t-shirt, the print is really nice(don't know the band, sorry ;)) the fringe top in the second outfit really adds that special something to it!
and you look cute with the beret!