wishful thinking

I have the feeling it's going to be a long week.
I'm already wracking my brain to schedule in assignment times and I'm full till friday night. :o(

I know it's super early to even be thinking about this...but I can't wait till Christmas! it's my absolute favourite time. I love being all bundled up, drinking hot chocolate and watching holiday movies while pretty snowflakes fall outside. I love wrapping presents! I love that my mom makes 12 different kinds of cookies every year. I love family visits and playing piano while everyone eats the afore-mentioned cookies. I love mittens and Christmas lights and waiting for that old Rudolph movie to come on cbc. I love shopping for presents!
I so wish I had more money to spend on presents this year... it looks like I may have to cut back. I'd start saving, but I'm gonna want to do that for New York and I'm already stretched pretty thin. ugh. I hate money.
I've been applying for jobs, but no news on that yet. cross your fingers. if I don't get one, Brando may not get a birthday gift.

which means there's no excuse for the bad thing I did today. that's right- I went shopping. I cracked. I feel so guilty. but you see, there was a REASON. there's this dress from h&m that I've seen online and on other blogs that I've been dying to have for weeks. I even went all the way to the mic mac mall just to check if they had it in. but they didn't. and today I had three hours to kill and needed a new face mask from lush and some duct tape and I thought it would be nice to meet Brandon after work so... I took the long voyage to Dartmouth. only this time, it was an especially long voyage- it took over an hour and a half! I was on the bus so long I thought I was actually going to be sick. so you see, that's so much of my time wasted and such a horrible experience that I just had to buy something to make it worth it.

...that was the logic behind my purchases.
first off, that dress was FINALLY THERE! I was almost ecstatic in the store. so that was a given. and I found a couple other awesome buys in h&m, and a cute green cardigan. all were very sensible purchases, I assure you.
still... I wish I hadn't liked so many things! I may have to sacrifice a few to my parents as their Christmas gifts to me. I hate doing that though. don't you think it's weird when people pick out their own presents? takes all the fun out of it I think.

I guess I'll restart the clock to zero and see how long I can go without buying something this time.. I feel like the Hulk. you know, the good one...the Edward Norton version where there's a "days without incident" count on the screen.

anyways, I'm aware I didn't post an outfit yesterday. it was cold and rainy and after coming home from church I just wanted to veg on the couch, so I changed pretty quickly. but here's me today!

another kind of low key monday ensemble.
the shirt was (coincidentally!) a Christmas gift from my sister.
pants h&m, vest charlotte russe.
shoes, converse! also a past Christmas gift. 
I feel like the plaid and the chucks with the tweed vest makes a kind of office lumberjack look, haha.

or something.
catch ya latahhh.

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