time flies...

wow, it's thursday already! my how time flies. only a week to halloween, and I don't even have a costume yet!
and I'm spending halloween night at a Blondie concert, so I have to look darn good.
I can't believe I'm actually going to see Blondie! haha. my dad listened to Blondie.

I liked the elements of my outfit today, but something about it didn't quite work for me. I think the tights didn't go with the blue sweater as well as I'd pictured. but, I got a whole bunch in the mail from we love colors! they come in ever colour possible. but I must say, I don't think the one-size would fit someone 160 lbs. as advertised. but hey, they fit me.

t-shirt (below)- west49
cardigan- costa blanca
skirt- charlotte russe
tights- we love colors
boots- spring

I'm actually quite terrified of dinosaurs, as silly as that sounds; yes, I'm well aware they are extinct. but seriously. if you were getting chased by a t-rex, you'd be screwed.
dinosaurs are my biggest fear.
anyways. but I still think this tee is totally cute.

so we're at the 1940s on my little fashion education!
now, I first thought the 40s were an era I was a little clueless on..till I remembered that I know two fabulous movies set in that time! Casablanca and the Notebook. so I referred to those, and did a little more exploring, but all I could really figure out is the 40s are exactly what they seem- the joint between 30s and 50s! so the lines are kind of blurred on specific styles for the decade, but I did get a couple things.
- shorter skirts
- also, very long skirts!
- wide shoulders
- brimmed hats
- suits
- matching/coordinated ensembles
- pants
- clutch coats (no buttons)

that's a little vague, I know, but the 40s seem to be mostly a blend from 30s to 50s. and the photos will help, I'm sure.

Casablanca is obviously the first choice for 40s fashion inspiration. Ingrid Bergman is classic beauty. and that Humprey Bogart- what a class act!

(I have a hat just like that one!)
now, I'm aware it's girly and sappy and all that jazz that I'm not usually into when it comes to movies, but I actually love the Notebook. I've read the book and it's not my cup of tea, but I think the movie's kind of funny and sweet. and Rachel McAdams looks stunning. I fell in love with her wardrobe.


I also found this photo of Nicole Kidman in 1940s garb, I think it's from the film Australia. I had to include it cause she looks fab.

to sum up... I want all the clothes from the Notebook. do you think they still have it??
and it seems like the 40s were this ecclectic mix of sweet and sophisticated. there's all the suits and long skirts, and then there's floral dresses and wedges. like this girl:

doesn't she look sweet?

that's a wrap on the 40s!
and a wrap on the day. another long one! bed time.


Idée Géniale said...

Cute outfit! I love the dinosaur tee!I used to work at West 49 (believe it or not). I also love the 40's pics too! wow that last pic really is great! i want to BE her. Is that weird? its the truth! Oh and i cry everytime I watch the notebook, the part when they're getting off the little canoe/boat and its raining and she turns back and says: Why didn't you write me? Oh my, tearing up as we speak...

Kristin said...

Oh, I am so jealous you are going to a Blondie concert! My dad cot me hooked on Blondie growing up!

I loooove the 40s! the styles were so demure, yet stylish!