this scarlet letter

so I failed a quiz today.

I read the wrong sections and remembered the wrong things. but oh well. it will be pretty much consistent with the rest of my lousy marks. and I can't care anymore. caring is too stressful.

I am just so sick of school. all school. it has been steadily killing my self esteem for over a year now, and I think it's time I just give up on the "but I got all 90s in high school"-driven hope. I'm tired of crying every day because someone 30 years older than me who thinks I don't matter marks a red letter on my difficult and time-consuming homework. (hence the title..)

but I know I still will. I just want to get better. and when I don''s frustrating. and when I get frustrated...well, I cry. usually. it's a disheartening cycle, haha.

I think the disappointment and the rain and my unheated apartment combined to force my body into hibernation. I feel asleep over my lunch hour, and it was horrible to have to get up. I was so cozy hiding under my heavy fleece blanket in the dark. I want to go back under there and not come out till November.

while I was not under my blanket today, I looked like this:

lame picture, I know. constant rain coupled with the fact that I can't take pictures till after dark makes it impossible to get good quality on my little canon. 
my mom gave me this cardigan :o). she's too cute. it's from wal-mart, I think. 
the puffy skirt is a fave primark find.
and this fringe shirt from modcloth is so fun to wear! shimmyin' every which way...
I down-played the accessories today because all my outfit pieces were so detailed. so that's it!

well, I don't know what time blogspot will say this was posted, but it's 2:30 am here. so I'm done.
here's hoping for a better photo op tomorrow.

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Cookie said...

I also think that cardigan is great... especialy the way you combine the purple with it. Sexy! :D