the simple kind of life

I've never heard of anyone's favourite food being won tons, but I may be the first.
I just ordered chinese...again...and when recited my usual order the woman said "okay, so unit 18..." that's bad, isn't it? when delivery people recognize you?
I feel like Miranda on that episode of SATC when she orders the same chinese food every night and thinks the waitress is making fun of her.

it's been a great day off so far! I slept in, did some surfing the 'net, Brando made us a big yummy breakfast, and we've been watching a Star Wars marathon ever since. I really didn't need to get dressed, but I did anyway.

dress- h&m
vest- h&m
tights (yes, there are tights)- ardene's
boots- spring

I feel kinda boho chic today. the tights are beige with a diamond pattern, so you can't really see them, but they're warm and sooo comfy. the vest & dress are from last week's h&m binge. I love them both.

I still haven't heard back from any jobs... cross your fingers, please. I need one so badly. I don't have enough money left to pay rent next month, and my loan still isn't in!

I know what you're thinking- if you have no money, how can you shop at h&m and order chinese? well, the small dent that left in my remaining $500 doesn't change the fact that rent is $800. so I'm just hoping my loan comes before November 1st and enjoying the simple pleasures in the meantime. oi.

now, where are my won tons??



Love + Cake said...

Those boots are insanely fabulous.

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Fun pattern on that dress. Won tons are good, but I prefer Japanese food over Chinese...even if it is harder to find. :)

Sarah K. said...

thank you!
I actually loveeee sushi, but my boyfriend doesn't like it. so we always end up getting Chinese.

Idée Géniale said...

K, I checked out your blog yesterday and perused the archives and wanted to leave you a message (or two...or three) but I was at work and things got busy but here i am back for more! I love your creative outfits, we have such similar style!
Can't wait to see more.

Cookie said...

Great matching tights with that cool dress...