love is my religion

I just got back from watching Bright Star. I adore John Keats. this movie reminded me why. I have to say, it wasn't as amazing as I'd hoped, but beautifully done. and they made Keats pretty. for that I am grateful. 
isn't it so sad that he died thinking he was a failure? I wish I could tell him he's my favourite. 
the title is my favourite quote; "love is my religion- I could die for that."
I also really like the line "a thing of beauty is a joy forever." kind of explains my love of fashion.
I really need to get into his complete works that Brandon bought me. if you like poetry at all, I highly recommend John Keats.

now, on to my fairly dull saturday outfit!

scarf- american eagle
cardigan- costa blanca
jeans- delias
shoes- plaid chucks
earrings (below)- rw & co

I don't consider it dull, really. I like it. but it's not the most eye-catching outfit I have. but it's comfy and cute!
you know, Fanny Brawne was somewhat of a fashionista. she was John Keats' muse and lady love. I think that means my love for him is fate. :o)


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