looking at pictures of you

two outfits today, because I didn't blog yesterday!
if you can't tell, I'm pretty into pockets.

t-shirt- forever21
skirt- topshop
tights- joe fresh
shoes (below)- old navy 
necklace (below)- smart set


dress- modcloth
cardigan/vest- cote a cote in Paris
tights (below; aren't they so cute?!)- modcloth 
boots- sears

sorry for the lame pictures. weather has not been cooperating. sigh. I swear, it looked better in person.

today we started to learn about photography in class. a lot of the stuff I knew already, but it was interesting and made me miss taking pictures. since I've moved here I haven't taken any, except my outfit photos, which aren't very cool because I have no good location and it's always dark when I get home. myfacebook is mourning its loss as we speak. I just don't have anything to take pictures of! I need to get out and do something worth photographing.
I'm looking forward to Tony visiting later this month, and Halloween, and other such occasions that will offer photo ops.
especially Christmas. but I know I've mentioned that already. :o)
it also doesn't help that my range of artistic expression has sort of outgrown my sad little camera. I mean, it's done a great job, and take good pictures when I really need to- like outside, or pictures of buildings and monuments. but I just need better quality to put on the internet. I think that's why my blog photos are so nice on my computer and so not when I post them.

anyways. I think I'm getting one for Christmas, but we'll see. if not I'll make do with what I have. it works great for travel, so it should be fine for New York. :o)

hmm... I think I might go finish off my ice cream while I'm waiting for ANTM to come on... we walked to cold stone earlier and I got a love it sized founder's favourite- with cookie dough added. mmmm <3. but it was very filling. so I have leftovers. yay!

that's it for me.
I hope I'm getting better at this fashion-blog stuff, even if my photos are sub-standard.
I'm workin' on it.

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Idée Géniale said...

Umm, I might steal those tights from you! Just a warning.