I've got a sunset in my veins

hello hello!

just a quick post before bed again. I'm afraid I've been rather busy this weekend- in all the fun ways, though. going to concerts and movies and eating ice cream and having visits from good friends. I'm so happy!

this is what I wore today while I was being happy.

top- somewhere in London
dress- smart set
tights- we love colors
pashmina- dynamite 
jacket- fairweather

another cold, rainy day in Halifax. I managed to grab a few pics in the morning before it got too chilly, but got an outerwear shot before going out.
this dress is one of my victories- I wanted it so bad for a while, but I waited. and I got it on sale for $13! totally worth the wait.

I just finished watching Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (after my 30s post goaded me) and it was lovely!  I found myself having to choose between Zooey Dechanel and Lee Pace at the video store, and this time Lee won. such a beautiful film. I'll get Gigantic next time. I'm just so in love with Lee right now, after a whole two days of no Pushing Daisies I was beginning to miss him.
there were other good elements in the movie, but I'll just leave you with that important one for now. :o)

happy weekend!

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Idée Géniale said...

My favorite color tights! So pretty even in the rain.
Gigantic isn't the best movie but the lovely Zooey and Paul Dano make up for it. It's a beautiful story.
*I've given you an award on my blog. Go check it out! http://ideegeniale.blogspot.com