is a brighter discontentment the best I can hope for?

the title may seem gloomy, but it's a Submarine's lyric referring to my frustration at my lack of camera knowledge.

well, I figured out how to get my photos bigger! that's a step in the right direction.
I don't understand the quality issue though... I took this with a camera I borrowed from the j-school, and the pic is no better than my little cannon SD. maybe it's just not the greatest camera. or maybe it's cause I'm indoors. or maybe I should learn how to work these things, haha.

dress- forever21
tights- modcloth
boots- spring
pashmina- primark

I didn't start off wearing a scarf today, but when I came home for lunch it was FREEZING. I think it looks a little off with all the colour concentrated on the bottom, but I tried something instead of the black boots to keep from being too matchy-matchy. besides, I love these yellow boots.

I'm really into golden yellow lately. I feel like it goes with everything. I love it in tights, and boots, and cardigans. it's such a happy, autumnal colour! I really like dressing for fall. I love tights and layers and scarves. but it does make outdoor photos pretty much impossible now, since it's too cold to go out without a giant coat on.

I might start a fashion column for our 5-week newspaper. I figure it'd be good experience. plus, it would be fun! I'm not all that sure what I'd say, but I have a week to decide.

no luck on the job front yet. I'll never get to shop again!
I may have to start selling off my wardrobe, bit by bit, so I can afford eat.
..speaking of which, I had sushi today, and it was delicious. I've missed spicy salmon rolls.

it's been a long day, so I'm off to...well, I don't know what, but it will probably involve laziness. or photo experimentation. one or the other.


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Laura said...

How are you not running out of outfits yet? haha