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apologies for the lack of posting yesterday. I wasn't even that busy, I just ran out of day. but, I have an outfit photo for yas.

dress- modcloth
tights (below)- modcloth
t-shirt- smart set
boots- charlotte russe

it was a very modcloth outfit, I see.
I love the details of this dress- especially the buttons.

here's me today;

Brandon took a gazillion photos, so he got a couple goofy ones of me dancing and then wouldn't stop. I thought the sequence was kind of funny.

dress- cote a cote (Paris)
long-sleeve t-shirt- costco!
tights- joe fresh, fr. dominion
belt- stolen from a friend
boots- somewhere in Paris

I feel like my 20s post might have inspired my outfit today- the drop waist and the booties. it was also very Paris-acquired, now that I think about it.

now, I shall continue my fashion journey through the decades with the 1930s!

so this is one of the decades I was fuzzy on. what exactly distinguishes style of the 30s from the 20s and 40s? well, here are some things:
- longer hemlines
- more traditional womanly silhouettes
- pants on ladies (the end of the decade)
- shoulder pads
- fur!
- bias-cut dresses (accentuates curves)
- longer gloves
- hats, tipped to the side

the 30s were basically a return to conservative femininity during the Depression. styles were more traditional, and there were a lot of skirt suits. fur shrugs and shawls were popular too, which I would love except for the fact that they were most often real. :o(
the hats were brought along from the 20s, but got fancier with flowers and feathers and stuff. fun!

some people confuse the movie Atonement's timeframe because part of it is set in the war, but it actually begins in 1935. it's a gorgeous movie, and Keira Knightly looks breathtaking in the clothes. (although, for the record, the book is even more fantastic. read it.)

isn't the green dress just amazing? I had to include the back. it's perfect.
and okay, I've never seen this next movie, but I'm dying too- it has Lee Pace! Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is set in the 30s, and I adore Amy Adams, so I thought I'd add a cute picture of her too. I love the outfit.

I don't think I'll be trading my 20s love for a 30s obsession any time soon, but I must admit the style is lovely! it's a little more mature and professional, with the suits and monochrome themes, which isn't really me. but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate it.

I mean, look how classy and gorgeous this lady is. I wouldn't pass up any opportunity to dress like that.
actually, that's kind of what I feel a reporter should look like, haha. if I end up doing hard news and writing for the New York Times, I will definitely channel the 30s.

aaaand that's all!
thanks for reading, if you did. :o)


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