I think I'm turning Japanese


good day today. no complaints. finally got some Mexican food... mmm, shrimp quesidillas. Habs won. by the way, has anyone noticed that the team seems to have exchanged their many k's for g's? how odd.

ok now you are updated.

I picked this outfit mostly for the weardrobe contest- needed something that looked good with the leather jacket- but I also really wanted to wear this new vintage dress. Brando keeps saying it looks like a kimono, which sparked a conversation over dinner about how Asian people tend to like me.
that sounds really racist, I know, but it's oddly true. I wouldn't say it if it weren't, I'm very modest, haha. but the only guys who ever come up to me in public are Asian, and they are very persistent. like, following me persistent. constantly asking for my email address. it's happened like, 3 times. and one time in London, a bunch of Asian tourists asked to get pictures with me! and again, my best friend is living in Korea, and her students saw a photo of me and said they "like" me or something.
I'm not bragging, I think it's just too funny. and I don't get it. maybe I look like a famous movie star in Asia.
or maybe it happens to a lot of non-Asian girls. I don't know. it's a new experience for me, haha.
well, enough of that.

the dress, as I mentioned, is vintage. 
this is the le chateau leather jacket I love!
more cozy socks from h&m (I'd wear a pair everyday if I could).

that's all I've got to say today. short 'n sweet.
happy almost-weekend!

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