a hard day's night

today was a looooong one.
spent all of it editing for the paper and doing the layout. yeesh. that stuff takes more time than you'd think.
I did get free pizza, though, so s'all good. although...they didn't get us drinks. I was parched. and, by the way, it is bad for the digestive system to eat without drinking something, so I think that was an unhealthy oversight.
...I hope no one takes me seriously on this thing when I say stuff like that. it's usually part sarcasm with a cheesy smile. like a door-to-door saleswoman, if you will. imagine that when you read snooty remarks on my blog, haha.

since it was a kind of hectic day I decided to continue my fashion history education tomorrow, but I do have outfit photos.

top- topshop
pashmina- dynamite
jeans- h&m
boots- spring

I realized this is my first time posting an item from topshop, which is weird because I LOVE that store. 
I guess it's because I sort of restrained myself last time I was there and only bought this shirt and one dress. and how often do I get to a topshop? not often, I tell you.

oh! me and Brando went to see Zombieland after my hard days work. it was awesome! I mean, it's doing really well at the box office and stuff so I expected it to be good, but it surpassed my expectations. funny, AND exciting. liking movies makes me so happy.
that Woody Harrleson has some piiiipes. did you know his dad was a hit man? true story. imdb it, bitches.
(I apologize to anyone offended by my implied calling you bitches. it's kind of an inside joke/recurring saying amongst friends. no offence. :o))

aaaand now I'm off to bed.

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Wild as a Mink said...

Love the top!
And some more Woody Harrleson trivia: he went to college in Indiana!!!! I'm from Indiana, so I make it my bizness to know anything and everything about the famous peeps and their association to IN!