dancing like a daisy


I feel sunshiny alllll over, even though it's raining again.
I'm so happy this week is over. the "boot camp" portion of school is over too, so hopefully the workshops will be a nice fresh start.

well, since I didn't post my outfit yesterday, this was it.

dress- vintage fr. shopcuffs
tights- smart set
shoes- converse

such a great dress from shopcuffs! I'm in love with all the stores I'm finding through people's blogs.
now I just need to find a way to get some of those people reading MY blog...
sigh. I wonder how long it usually takes to become an official "blogger."

I've been watching a lot of Pushing Daisies lately. I'm finished Breaking Bad. and I adore Chuck's wardrobe. she's so beautiful, and her clothes are so colourful and lady-like! I feel like she would wear the dress I wore yesterday. probably not with chucks, though...Chuck wearing chucks, haha. oh dear, I'm not clever today.
totally have a crush on Ned, too. "the pie maker." he's so cute. I wish him and Chuck could kiss without plastic wrap.
I'm sure if you've never seen the show that sentence makes no sense at all.
<3 Pushing Daisies.

anyways,  today's outfit coming later.
later, cyber space!

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Cookie said...

Great dress... but I would have taken other footwear. :)