all these things should make me happy

lots of pictures for you today!

yesterday's outfit, which I liked very much:

blazer- charlotte russe
skirt- cote a cote
socks- h&m
shoes- converse
necklace (below)- bueno style, fr. etsy

I really love this asymmetrical blazer. it reminds me of something you'd buy at Topshop. and of course I had to wear my chucks at some point this week... I know sneakers are not exactly high fashion, but I love them and I won't stop wearing them till someone makes me!

I spent most of today at a rally and march for Make Poverty History. I did a daily story on it, so I had to go to the event, get interviews, take photos, and write the story in 6 hours. it was actually pretty fun. and a good cause, of course.
I wore pants because it was kind of chilly out. although sometimes I think tights are just as warm...

dress/tunic- silence & noise, fr. urban outfitters
jeans- garage
boots- primark
hat- gift from my mama
scarf- fr. Paris

these jeans are so old- I've had them since the 12th grade and they've gotten a bit snug. but I just can't give them up! they're the perfect grey jeans. I'll force myself to fit them!
the tunic is one of many things that I see other people wear and seek out for myself! you know how sometimes people politely ask where you got something you're wearing? well, I ask for a reason. I want it, haha. I try not to do it too often because I don't like having too many things like other people... but some things, like this dress, are irresistible.

now, here are some black & white outfits I put together for the weardrobe contest. the winner gets tickets to see Coco Avant Chanel, and I don't know if I can even see that in Halifax, but I want to try! I love Audrey Tatou, and of course I love Chanel.

the photos are okay...I don't think I'll win because they usually look at the photo as a whole and not just the outfit. and well, as you know, I don't have many location options. but it's worth a shot! (pun intended.

I feel like they're all themed. the first one looks like a Chicago-the-musical kind of thing, the second like a secretary, and the third is a little 20s flapper-esque. I actually like the outfits, so it was fun even if I don't win.

kay well, I'm hungry!


Anonymous said...

I love that hippie floral scarf.

Cookie said...

I love the Chicago & 20's outfit.
Stylish & oh so sexy with those tights... good choise!