one way or another

first off, happy halloween!

I tried to upload these pictures yesterday, but my stinkin' internet is being ridiculous. I don't understand, my macbook and I have such a love-hate relationship. I love it, but it hates me.

so here's yesterday's outfit...with more to come later, after I hang with Blondie at a casino. rockin'.

dress- vintage fr. loveIt on etsy
cardigan- Christmas gift fr. forever21
socks- ardene's
boots- spring
earrings- fr. my dad

I'm so glad I gave in and bought this cute dress on etsy! it's so comfy, and I love the print. I think it looks like sailboats. 
I don't wear the earrings a whole lot cause I find they're kind of formal looking, but I love them cause my dad gave them to me. :o) and they looked really good with this outfit, I must say.

so we have a little friend staying with us lately.
he's a mouse.
sigh. yes, we have a mouse in our house and we can't seem to get rid of him. I don't want to kill him, even though he kind of creeps me out- he's just so sneaky! but we can't catch him with our humane methods!
I'm getting kind of used to him now. maybe we can just name him and let him stay. I do want a pet.
but once he starts messing with my food or my clothes, that's it- it's war.

poor mousey. I don't want to be a killer.
maybe I'll just borrow a cat for a few days....

anywho. have fun trick-or-treating and such.

you make breaking hearts look so easy


short post to give you not one, but TWO daily outfits.

t shirt- benchmark for Anberlin (band tee!)
vest- h&m
skirt- primark
hat- h&m
tights- we love colors
boots- spring

this tee has sentimental value; it's the first shirt I ever ordered on the internet, AND it's my favourite band. well, tied with the chilli's of course. but it WAS my favourite band at one point.
I had to lighten the photos so you could see the bow on my skirt, but for some reason they look really good in iphoto and kind of awful here. oh well. 

now for today's outfit:

plaid shirt- bluenotes
fringe tank top- modcloth
pants- h&m
boots- charlotte russe

I actually really like this outfit, which is surprising because I'm usually more comfortable in a dress. 
I like wearing this tank under other things; it's cooler than a plain one. 

another day, another dollar.
well, dollar less, if you're me.
it was a rough one, but there's always tomorrow.

go slow, I fall behind

my word, haven't I been slacking off the blog lately!
I have good excuses, I promise. newspaper business and all.
so let's get right to it- yesterday's outfit, as I was unfortunately otherwise engaged at the end of the day.

dress- old navy
cardigan- forever21
belt- chinese laundry fr. envy
tights- joe fresh
shoes- vintage fr. pineapplemint 

I just couldn't wait to wear these shoes again!
I really like this outfit. I felt comfy and feminine, which is always a good feeling.

I'll post today's outfit later, as I haven't taken the pictures just yet.
but for now, it's finally time to move on to fashion in the 50s!

the 50s seems to be everyone's favourite fashion decade, and really, what's not to love? hourglass figures, pretty florals, and bright colours make any fashion junkie happy. the whole image was about cheery, wholesome, happy women.
typical 50s style includes:
- an hourglass silhouette
- full skirts
- pearls!
- feminine touches and tailoring
- belts at the waist
- bolero jackets
- short hair, or bouffant styles
- prints

most of you probably know that already. of course my favourite example of 50s style is from one of my favourite addictions- Pushing Daisies. Chuck always looks beautiful and ladylike, and while the show isn't set in the 50s, she definitely has a vintage flair.

ugh. I'm so jealous. I love how she looks every episode.
what I love best about 50s clothing is most definitely the flattering day dresses that make every girl look like a polished lady. there are more pop-culture examples, like Mona Lisa Smile, or Coco Avant Chanel (which I'm dying to see, by the way), but screen shots are sometimes harder to find than you'd think.
so I found a couple miscellaneous cuties. :o)

they look so soft and pretty.
I must admit, the hype over 50s dress is totally well-deserved. it's iconic glamour. 'nuff said.

...and 'nuff said from me! I'm off to bed.
I can't believe wednesday's over already!


dust in the wind...

where oh where has October gone?!
(there's a Green Day joke in there somewhere, but I'm over that. ;o)

I've been so contentedly busy that I can't believe how quickly the days fly by and how the month is almost over.

my good friend Tony came to visit from home this weekend! it was so exciting, and I miss him already. I loved having him here to hang out, play nintendo, watch movies, and general familiar merriment. but the visit also made me miss home even more. it's weird, I'm usually not one for homesickness, but I miss my friends. it's harder making friends than I remembered, and I've left so many amazing ones at home! everyone talks about how hard it is to leave highschool, but I've made the best friends of my life in university and no one tells you how hard it is to leave them!

Tony was my room mate for three years, and I miss having his friendly face just a staircase away. :o)
we didn't take any photos this weekend, but this is us on our Cape Spear excursion before I moved- it's the most Eastern point in North America.

well, on top of that, I've been working on two Halloween-related stories for the Commoner; one is about the religious aspects of Halloween and the other is a column about last-minute costume ideas. which mine will evidently be, since Halloween's this weekend (!). I thought it would be a fun way to mix my fashion blogging habits into my day job, haha.

this is my way of leading into saying that I haven't exactly done the 50s research yet, but tomorrow, I promise! and I do have a huge amount of photos for you to make up for it.

dress- fr. pseudio
long sleeve tee- costco
grey tights- ardene's
fishnets- charlotte russe
boots- spring
necklace (below)- modcloth
jacket- primark
scarf- american eagle
gloves- h&m

this dress is actually a really light pink. I loveee my Audrey necklace- and it opens into a pocket watch! so cute. 
I dressed up to face the outdoor weather and I thought it was a pretty cute outfit itself, so I included it...I just bought these long gloves the other day, and I love them! I've always wanted a pair, and they go great with short-sleeved jackets and coats.

now, secondly, I have my outfit from saturday. I took some photos, but they turned out horrible. so I recreated the outfit exactly and took more today. :o)

dress- vintage fr. postlapsaria
cardigan- zara 
tights- we love colors
shoes (below)- vintage fr. pineapplemint on etsy
headband- diy ribbon

I wore this gorgeous dress last sunday, but I didn't really like how I styled it. so I tried again, and I think the bright tights and adorable vintage shoes make it pop.

I am loving these! a great find.

so after bombarding you with pictures, I should stop ignoring my boyfriend and possibly do some more writing.
hope your weekends were as good as mine.
so long!

beautiful bloggers

I have exciting news! super-cool ultra-fashionable fellow canuck Idee_Geniale gave me a beautiful blogger award. it's my first real fashion blogger experience, so yay! the rules are below, and now I have to tell you seven interesting things about myself. interesting is a relative term, haha. but here we go.

1. I'm extremely, extremely, afraid of the dark. I cannot watch scary movies or sleep alone in a house. I have an irrational impulse that causes me to lie in bed with my eyes wide open till the sun comes up.

2. when I learned Blackbird on guitar I thought it was the greatest accomplishment ever. I thought it was so hard that if I could finally play that song, I might actually be talented. I think I overestimated the importance of Blackbird, haha.

3. I used to be able to control my dreams. and they are always very weird. and sometimes I dream things that happen. I don't believe in psychics or anything, but I swear, elements come true!

4. my first love was Ponyboy Curtis from the Outsiders. Brandon is lucky he isn't real, because I would've been all over that.

5. London is my favourite place in the world (so far) and I plan on living there someday, at least for a few years. tied for favourite place is St. John's, because I love being from Newfoundland, which will be my next point...

6. I'm a Newfie, and I'm allowed to say that word because I'm from there! yes we have electricity, no I do not eat fish every day, I've never had a party on a boat, we don't serve boloney as steak, and we have the coolest downtown-music scene in Canada. boo yah.

7. I don't like popcorn or salad. people tend to react badly to this, but I maintain that popcorn is just buttered styrofoam and salad is just too many sandwich toppings minus the bread.

now I have to give the award to seven other bloggers...which is the hard part, since I don't really know seven bloggers! but here are some that might actually see this post, and some others that I usually comment on. :o)

The Rules

1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award.
2. Copy the award & place it on my blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award.
4. Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself.
5. Nominate 7 bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs I nominate.

Thanks very much, Idee_Geniale. this is lovely. <3

on a different, but not totally unrelated note, today's outfit;

top- charlotte russe
blazer- bluenotes (it's old)
scarf- smart set
pants- h&m
boots- charlotte russe

I'd say more, but I'm kind of in a hurry! style decades continues tomorrow. :o)


I've got a sunset in my veins

hello hello!

just a quick post before bed again. I'm afraid I've been rather busy this weekend- in all the fun ways, though. going to concerts and movies and eating ice cream and having visits from good friends. I'm so happy!

this is what I wore today while I was being happy.

top- somewhere in London
dress- smart set
tights- we love colors
pashmina- dynamite 
jacket- fairweather

another cold, rainy day in Halifax. I managed to grab a few pics in the morning before it got too chilly, but got an outerwear shot before going out.
this dress is one of my victories- I wanted it so bad for a while, but I waited. and I got it on sale for $13! totally worth the wait.

I just finished watching Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (after my 30s post goaded me) and it was lovely!  I found myself having to choose between Zooey Dechanel and Lee Pace at the video store, and this time Lee won. such a beautiful film. I'll get Gigantic next time. I'm just so in love with Lee right now, after a whole two days of no Pushing Daisies I was beginning to miss him.
there were other good elements in the movie, but I'll just leave you with that important one for now. :o)

happy weekend!

time flies...

wow, it's thursday already! my how time flies. only a week to halloween, and I don't even have a costume yet!
and I'm spending halloween night at a Blondie concert, so I have to look darn good.
I can't believe I'm actually going to see Blondie! haha. my dad listened to Blondie.

I liked the elements of my outfit today, but something about it didn't quite work for me. I think the tights didn't go with the blue sweater as well as I'd pictured. but, I got a whole bunch in the mail from we love colors! they come in ever colour possible. but I must say, I don't think the one-size would fit someone 160 lbs. as advertised. but hey, they fit me.

t-shirt (below)- west49
cardigan- costa blanca
skirt- charlotte russe
tights- we love colors
boots- spring

I'm actually quite terrified of dinosaurs, as silly as that sounds; yes, I'm well aware they are extinct. but seriously. if you were getting chased by a t-rex, you'd be screwed.
dinosaurs are my biggest fear.
anyways. but I still think this tee is totally cute.

so we're at the 1940s on my little fashion education!
now, I first thought the 40s were an era I was a little clueless on..till I remembered that I know two fabulous movies set in that time! Casablanca and the Notebook. so I referred to those, and did a little more exploring, but all I could really figure out is the 40s are exactly what they seem- the joint between 30s and 50s! so the lines are kind of blurred on specific styles for the decade, but I did get a couple things.
- shorter skirts
- also, very long skirts!
- wide shoulders
- brimmed hats
- suits
- matching/coordinated ensembles
- pants
- clutch coats (no buttons)

that's a little vague, I know, but the 40s seem to be mostly a blend from 30s to 50s. and the photos will help, I'm sure.

Casablanca is obviously the first choice for 40s fashion inspiration. Ingrid Bergman is classic beauty. and that Humprey Bogart- what a class act!

(I have a hat just like that one!)
now, I'm aware it's girly and sappy and all that jazz that I'm not usually into when it comes to movies, but I actually love the Notebook. I've read the book and it's not my cup of tea, but I think the movie's kind of funny and sweet. and Rachel McAdams looks stunning. I fell in love with her wardrobe.


I also found this photo of Nicole Kidman in 1940s garb, I think it's from the film Australia. I had to include it cause she looks fab.

to sum up... I want all the clothes from the Notebook. do you think they still have it??
and it seems like the 40s were this ecclectic mix of sweet and sophisticated. there's all the suits and long skirts, and then there's floral dresses and wedges. like this girl:

doesn't she look sweet?

that's a wrap on the 40s!
and a wrap on the day. another long one! bed time.

a hard day's night

today was a looooong one.
spent all of it editing for the paper and doing the layout. yeesh. that stuff takes more time than you'd think.
I did get free pizza, though, so s'all good. although...they didn't get us drinks. I was parched. and, by the way, it is bad for the digestive system to eat without drinking something, so I think that was an unhealthy oversight.
...I hope no one takes me seriously on this thing when I say stuff like that. it's usually part sarcasm with a cheesy smile. like a door-to-door saleswoman, if you will. imagine that when you read snooty remarks on my blog, haha.

since it was a kind of hectic day I decided to continue my fashion history education tomorrow, but I do have outfit photos.

top- topshop
pashmina- dynamite
jeans- h&m
boots- spring

I realized this is my first time posting an item from topshop, which is weird because I LOVE that store. 
I guess it's because I sort of restrained myself last time I was there and only bought this shirt and one dress. and how often do I get to a topshop? not often, I tell you.

oh! me and Brando went to see Zombieland after my hard days work. it was awesome! I mean, it's doing really well at the box office and stuff so I expected it to be good, but it surpassed my expectations. funny, AND exciting. liking movies makes me so happy.
that Woody Harrleson has some piiiipes. did you know his dad was a hit man? true story. imdb it, bitches.
(I apologize to anyone offended by my implied calling you bitches. it's kind of an inside joke/recurring saying amongst friends. no offence. :o))

aaaand now I'm off to bed.

I want to live inspired


apologies for the lack of posting yesterday. I wasn't even that busy, I just ran out of day. but, I have an outfit photo for yas.

dress- modcloth
tights (below)- modcloth
t-shirt- smart set
boots- charlotte russe

it was a very modcloth outfit, I see.
I love the details of this dress- especially the buttons.

here's me today;

Brandon took a gazillion photos, so he got a couple goofy ones of me dancing and then wouldn't stop. I thought the sequence was kind of funny.

dress- cote a cote (Paris)
long-sleeve t-shirt- costco!
tights- joe fresh, fr. dominion
belt- stolen from a friend
boots- somewhere in Paris

I feel like my 20s post might have inspired my outfit today- the drop waist and the booties. it was also very Paris-acquired, now that I think about it.

now, I shall continue my fashion journey through the decades with the 1930s!

so this is one of the decades I was fuzzy on. what exactly distinguishes style of the 30s from the 20s and 40s? well, here are some things:
- longer hemlines
- more traditional womanly silhouettes
- pants on ladies (the end of the decade)
- shoulder pads
- fur!
- bias-cut dresses (accentuates curves)
- longer gloves
- hats, tipped to the side

the 30s were basically a return to conservative femininity during the Depression. styles were more traditional, and there were a lot of skirt suits. fur shrugs and shawls were popular too, which I would love except for the fact that they were most often real. :o(
the hats were brought along from the 20s, but got fancier with flowers and feathers and stuff. fun!

some people confuse the movie Atonement's timeframe because part of it is set in the war, but it actually begins in 1935. it's a gorgeous movie, and Keira Knightly looks breathtaking in the clothes. (although, for the record, the book is even more fantastic. read it.)

isn't the green dress just amazing? I had to include the back. it's perfect.
and okay, I've never seen this next movie, but I'm dying too- it has Lee Pace! Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is set in the 30s, and I adore Amy Adams, so I thought I'd add a cute picture of her too. I love the outfit.

I don't think I'll be trading my 20s love for a 30s obsession any time soon, but I must admit the style is lovely! it's a little more mature and professional, with the suits and monochrome themes, which isn't really me. but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate it.

I mean, look how classy and gorgeous this lady is. I wouldn't pass up any opportunity to dress like that.
actually, that's kind of what I feel a reporter should look like, haha. if I end up doing hard news and writing for the New York Times, I will definitely channel the 30s.

aaaand that's all!
thanks for reading, if you did. :o)