you see how they're beautiful, and that's how I feel about you

why hello, friday! nice to finally see you again feels like it's been forever. feels good to sit around, watch tv, and eat oreos. mmm. ...I think I may actually go out tonight! there was a pizza-and-booze party after class, and some people are going to a show later, and I think I sorta said I'd go. should be fun. at least I'll make an appearance and make sure people don't think I'm actually a hermit. I'll let you know how it goes. but right now I'm pretty lazy, so let's just get to the point, shall we?!

featuring my new vintage purchase, and my fabulous charlotte russe boots!
the belt is vintage too...
and the hat is a beret right off the streets of Paris.
bag, costa blanca.
burgundy tights (that I am convinced go with everything), joe fresh.

now I'm off to watch Say Yes to the Dress. *blush*
catch ya later!

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Laura said...

Ooooh I think this is the prettiest outfit so far!