who did you think I was?

holla, cyberworld!

I'm sitting here watching Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. ever see it? it's actually usually either interesting, funny, or both. anyways, Mike Rowe was in a commercial we watched in research class today and I seemed to be the only one impressed.
heart Mike Rowe!
I thought it must be fate that the show was on after class.

that's the thing about journalism students... they're all kind of...hard news-minded. no one seems to know/care a whole lot about pop culture or anything like that. it's a little dull, actually. most people talk a lot about politics and the economy and don't eat mcdonald's. what's up with THAT? I really don't think I can make a career trying to figure out all this boring government junk that everyone else finds so interesting. this is one thing I would have liked about Ryerson- to be able to tell them what I'm interested in and focus on that. I appreciate the whole well-rounded aspect of king's...but I don't give a crap about a lot of this stuff.
I also think that's why I've been kinda slow making friends. I mean, I don't have much in common with these people. I'm reading about Jude Law and balenciaga while they're discussing the Italian prime minister. it's a fundamental difference.

...speaking of Jude Law, he's playing Hamlet on Broadway. I'm going to see Jude Law! AHH.
I bet not many people in my class would find that even remotely interesting.

oh oh oh and something else to look forward to for nyc- as if it needed more things!- Rachel Bilson apparently has a clothing line with dkny. aaaand they sell it at macy's. I'm thinking I'll probably love it. and it will probably be too expensive. but maybe I can buy a scarf or something.

this is me yesterday. see, I might be slacking off with the blogging, but not the picture taking.
this outfit isn't one of my favourites. but whatever. casual monday.
and I love the t-shirt- it says "defy gravity," I got it when I went to see Wicked in London. most amazing thing ever.
the lacey cardigan is from forever21. it's my first time wearing it.
my go-to skinny jeans are actually from sirens (I know, weird. I'm not even 13.)
and my black flats again (from now on, if something's been on the blog before, I won't say where it's from. gets repetitive, don't ya think?)

see, isn't it cute? that's Elphaba in the background. :o)

so that's yesterday... now, today's outfit, before I go take a nice bubble bath!

this is my lovely dress that my lovely boyfriend bought for me. <3 it's from zara.
(note: it may look like my boobs are hanging out, but that's just the way the necklace and my hair are, I swear! I don't even have that much boob.)
the tights are actually navy...and from dominion. woot!
I got this periwinkle cardigan at a shop in Paris called cote a cote; I just loved the colour. and who doesn't like the word periwinkle? it's so fun to say.
the bow in my hair also matches pretty well, so I'm proud.

I'm going with a bow theme today;
necklace is from modcloth, and the buckle is stolen from my bff! 

well that's it from me!
I'm off to that bubble bath.

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Cookie said...

I think I know why your boyfriend wanted you to wear this dress... :D
I even think I know why he wants you to wear dresses & skirts all the time :D