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another long day at school. I really should be working on an assignment that's due at 9AM tomorrow, butttt this is more fun.

today I got my long-awaited package from charlotte russe! I got so much great stuff. I love ordering stuff online because you get it a couple weeks later, and it's like shopping all over again without spending any money.
...I have a sickness.

anyways, I think I'm wearing the fabulous boots tomorrow, so you'll get to see them in the picture.
speaking of which...

it was dark by the time I got out of class..again... I'm having to improvise photos cause my apartment's pretty small for photo shoots and my camera's not that great at night. anyways.
I actually threw this together in a rush this morning because I slept in. 
the dress is from envy. it's pretty simple, except for the ruffles, but once you put it on, it feels perfect. 
I love the buttons on the old navy cardigan (featured below!)
the purple boots are from spring.
but my favourite part is kinda the tights! see...

                                         they're polka-dotted. <3
I thought today, in honour of my charlotte russe excitement, I would list my favourite places to shop. I like when other bloggers do this cause I get a lot of good ideas. this is my way of contributing. :o)

1. modcloth: this was probably obvious already. I discovered modcloth through the brilliance of facebook ads (I swear, sometimes those things are so eerily personality accurate...) and became quickly enamoured. and I love that they add vintage items everyday. (I actually snagged one last week!) unfortunately I've been forced to give up my favourite because customs started charging me a mint.
2. h&m: really this should be tied for number one, but it's getting a little common for my tastes, haha. I liked it better when a everyone I knew didn't shop there. but it still has awesome clothes at good prices.
3. forever21: this is kind of an old favourite. our relationship has been rocky lately...there aren't a lot of
"gotta-have-its" or "OMGloveitsomuches." but there's still the occasional great find, and the shipping is either super cheap or free (ordering online, of course. I've never been to the actual store).
4. primark: my favourite English disovery! as far as I know they're only in the UK, but if I were to be proven wrong I'd be very happy. super cute, super cheap- I often buy in bulk. I have a lot of shoes from there.
5. topshop: my hope is that they will someday ship to Canada. sigh. I love virtually everything in this store, especially in the huge, multi-floor stores in London that have an entire level devoted to retro and vintage inspired dresses. it ain't cheap, though.
6. charlotte russe: newly discovered par moi. I have this problem where I love a million things on the website... which is why the package I got in the mail today was so large. the prices are reeeeally good- I didn't get anything over $25 last time- and shipping isn't that bad. it's so tempting I had my boyfriend block the site from my computer. 'nuff said.
7. buenostyle: I mentioned this last post. gorgeous, original jewellery. it's not cheap, but the shipping is, and it's totally worth it.
8. twisted sisters: I left this one back in St. John's. their clothes are kind of expensive, but I love every piece of jewellery in there.

okay, there's a lot more. I really like urban outfitters, and envy, and model citizens (SJ), and etsy has a lot of vintage sellers. but I'm running out of time, and probably space, so top 8 will do.
better get to that assignment...


Laura said...

Ever been to the Free People website?

They probably have my favourite clothes ever, but I get depressed every time I go to the website because I can't afford to buy anything. I've been browsing it for about two years and only got two shirts out of it. :(

Sarah K. said...

yeahhh, I've been there, and I like it too...but I can't afford it either. :oS