she says she's leaving on a sunday

today's outfit;

another modcloth dress for church...I swear, I really am running out of stuff from there.
the belt was a Christmas gift from two beautiful sisters.
cardigan was also a Christmas gift, but I know it's from forever 21.
the tights are the same as yesterday because, well, it's sunday and I'm lazy.
I guess I was subconsciously in a Christmas-y state of mind, because these boots were a present from my mom! my first cool pair. red's the only way to go.

and tonight's photo features my lovely guitar, Bob.
no, he is not so named just because it is the most generic name ever.
anyways, this is supposed to be me loving him, but it kind of looks like I'm trying to kill myself with him... I should stop saying him now, huh?
I'm going to go play with Bob now.

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Crystal Card said...

oooh, can I shop in your closet??! LOVE LOVE LOVE the boots.