self-pity gets a breath of fresh air

I was right! wednesday was much better.

evidently I did not have class this morning, so I caught up on some school work and stuffed myself with leftover chinese.
but that's not the part that you want to hear about...

I also spent my rare free time thrift shopping on spring garden road. :o)
I'm trying to get some vintage cred, here.
and I found some great stuff, too. but I behaved myself and only bought one thing. self-control is such hard work.
this is what I got!
I love the pink buttons and the little bit of pink tulle at the bottom. it's so '50s farm girl or something. I am very pleased. I'm also considering going back tomorrow to get this cute little red dress with satin trim...I'm trying really hard to resist. 
okay, so it was kind of a lax day on the fashion front, but I do love these clothes. I went cas.. (that was supposed to be short for casual...I guess it doesn't translate well to type)
clock v-neck was a fabulous present, from urban outfitters.
black h&m skinnies that actually fit me- I find it hard to get pants I think look good on me. but these are perfect.
and chucks #2- pink!
this is the necklace I'm wearing; it's my favourite piece from one of my favourite shops, buenostyle on etsy. the designer makes amazing jewellery with vintage pieces. they're often one-of-a-kind. I adore this one because it's an envelope locket; perfect for a lover of literature like myself.
plenty of pictures today, and less of me talking. maybe this is the best way to appeal to an audience...
I'll become more interesting and clever when school work doesn't eat my soul, I swear. 
peace out.

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Laura said...

CUTE dress AND necklace AND t-shirt! I love both H&M and UO, they were my two favourite stores last year - I went to the West Edmonton Mall just about every weekend. I am so sad that I'll probably be stuck shopping solely at American Eagle (which I've kind of fallen out of love with) this year. :(