reap what you sew

I spent most of today trying to fix the dress I was wearing... sewing holes, assessing the fit... and had to resign to the fact that it was just too small. short, actually. I think if my butt was smaller I could pull it off, but alas, I am one of those bootylicious types.

not much else happened today. I was in a bad mood, probably because of the dress (it's really cute!), so I didn't get anything done. I watched a bunch of Friends episodes and some Breaking Bad, and had more oreos...I see a trend here.

I did change it up a little though. the oreos were double-stuff. deeeee-licious!

anyways, it's late, and there's more Friends on.
here's the outfit with the dress I can't wear anymore. shoot.

I don't think the dress is too short in front...but the under-layer rolls up more in the back. anyways. it's from modcloth.
long cardigan is kersh from envy.
yellow tights from charlotte russe.
super old boots from sears.

maybe I'll get the dress in a bigger size. I wonder if anyone will want this one even with my amateur sewing jobs.


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Laura said...

You're a pretty girl! WAY more natural than Megan Fox. haha