monday monday monday

holla, internetz.

I love the Tegan and Sara song, but I don't really like mondays.

I would tell you about my day, but it was pretty boring. my life pretty much just consists of school right now. it's painfully busy. I'm working on this tv assignment/story for broadcasting class, and I haaaaate it. I always knew I would never do tv journalism, and this project has given me even more reasons why. I'm not sure how much I should disclose on a blog, but let's just say it's not the greatest experience I've ever had.

anyways. I thought that since I'm going to be talking about my so-called style on this thing you (and by you, I mean cyberspace) might need to be a little informed about what it is. so today I've got a little style profile...well, style points about myself, really. it's probably only interesting to me, but at least anyone reading will know early on whether they think I'm a tard or not.

1. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. this is my fashion motto. no matter how many fashionistas and magazines try to convince me otherwise, if it has the word "shirt" in the name then don't wear it with leggings. to me, they're just a step up from tights, and you wouldn't wear a t-shirt with just tights, would you?! no one wants to see your bisnatch, so put it in some pants.

2. I am in love with two types of footwear; chuck taylors and boots. the chuck love affair has been going on much longer, but recently I've decided boots make everything look good, especially with the skinny jeans phase. I have far too many pairs of both.

3. I hardly ever wear pants. that doesn't mean I only wear leggings. I am dress obsessed. I feel so much more stylish in them, and more comfortable. there was a time when I'd say I was most comfortable in a good pair of jeans, but no longer. I never feel fat in a dress, and I also never have to worry about my butt crack showing when I sit down.

 4. I sometimes put up with bad plot lines to see the characters' outfits. I love to watch the Sex and the City movie, The Devil Wears Prada, and Confessions of a Shopaholic just to see the clothes. it just so happens that I think two out of three of those are pretty good movies overall, but the point stands. I tried it with Gossip Girl once, but the melodrama could not be overlooked.

5. if I could raid the closet of anyone in the world, it would be Summer Roberts from the OC. yes, yes, she's fictional. but after season one she looks so darn hot all the time!

6. I have this weird ocd thing where I must have approximately the same number of clothing items in all colours. like, sometimes I'll go shopping and just happen to get two green things. that throws off the closet colour balance. therefore, next time I go shopping I must be careful to get things that are the opposite of green, like pink or red.
I know. it's the only little bit of ocd I contracted from my mother.

7. admittedly, I haven't had as much opportunity to shop vintage as an aspiring fashion blogger should. there aren't many good vintage stores in Newfoundland, and I haven't done much shopping since moving to Halifax. so if you notice I'm not as "original" as I ought to be, that's why. but I do have a few amazing pieces that I'm pretty proud of.

8. I'm also proud of my jewellery collection, because I think I've found some really awesome stuff at a bunch of different places. I only wear one piece at a time to accentuate its awesomeness- necklace or earrings. I never wear bracelets. not sure why, I just never buy them. I think a necklace can make or break an outfit.

9. I have a million scarves from all over the world. no one ever gives me scarves as presents because they think I have too many, but I mean... I have so many because I love them!

10. I thought ten was a nice number to go with. last one;
when it comes to personal style, I think you can pull off anything you believe you can pull off. I don't like when people limit themselves or don't buy something they like because "it's not me" or "I can't pull it off." confidence, Cohen!..err, people! wear what you love and you'll always look good.

kay so those are my fashion rules! of course I never try to enforce them on anyone else (except the leggings one) because I love when people dress in different ways. if we all looked the same, fashion wouldn't be fun!

that was from my after-school special on non-conformity.
and here's today's outfit.

I figured I'd try and start the week off on the right foot by wearing my favourite new dress from modcloth. (two modcloth dresses in a row, oops! more variety, Sarah...) I love the apron-style skirt and the cute floral pattern.
 the ruffled cardigan is from forever 21, and the boots are from spring. 

these are the earrings- well, one of them. I thought it deserved a close-up. it's a hand-carved crocodile I bought on a humanitarian trip to Africa. I love how this one's tail is curved and the other one's isn't. 
I felt pretty good facing monday.

that's it from me, folks.
I'm out. <3

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