maybe we'll find better days

tuesday continued to go not-so-well, but I did get an outfit picture.

(as you can tell, my camera's not so great indoors. I need a new, fancy-shmancy one)
I love this tulip skirt from final touch. tulip skirts are my fave. and this one's such a great colour!
grey tights- I'm obsessed with tights. I hate having bare legs.
today's outfit features beloved chucks #1- navy. 
the top is h&m- below is a close-up of the pattern, cause you can't really tell with the lighting.
 (also featured in photo; the best band ever.)

I didn't overly enjoy the day, but I still like my skirt. 
and the delicious chinese food we ordered in. mmm.
tomorrow will be better, I can feel it!

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brando said...

It was better wasn't it! You're so dang hot.