long road to ruin

I forgot to post yesterday!
I'm sure the internet was worried sick.

but, I do have a photo. no worries.

but first, I thought I'd pay homage to one of my favourite style icons- Rachel Bilson!

I mostly fell in love with her OC wardrobe, but her personal style is just as awesome. I was looking for pictures of her outfits, but there were so many good ones I had trouble picking! all her outfits are so laid-back and cool. and she's just so darn CUTE. she hasn't been doing much lately that I know of, but I can only assume she still has a great sense of style.

this is my fave. I'm totally in love with my own leather jacket. she's paired it with a cute dress and tights, which are obviously staples in my wardrobe as well. and look at the cute buckled shoes!

comfy cute! her shirt has bunnies on it! how much do I love bunnies? a lot. I had one for a while, but I wasn't a good bunny mom and she died. I'm dealing with it.
anyways. she's caching in on her trademark skinny jeans and big glasses, more of my favourites. and Adam Brody is pretty much the best accessory ever...

smokin'. this is an awesome dress. I don't have much else to say about it! gorgeous.

couldn't resist this adorable pic of her walking her dog. I love the bow-tie blouse and skinny belt, and the heels are awesomeee. even walking the dog she looks fabulous.

my style is totally inspired by Rachel's. sometimes when I'm picking out an outfit, I picture it on her to see if I like it. or Anne Hathaway. maybe I'll talk about her later... anyways, Rachel Bilson. awesome clothes. if you ever need some California-cool inspiration in your wardrobe, watch the OC.
I really hope she lands a good movie role or something soon, because I really loved her as Summer and I don't want her to be one of those one-hit actresses. but that's neither here nor there.

HERE are two days worth of outfit photos. :o) aren't you lucky.

I loooove this modcloth dress. it was my first time wearing it, because it's wool, and it has been far too warm so far to wear wool. but yesterday I risked it, and what do ya know, it was hot. of course.
but, I still like it. brown tights from smart set (a present from my sis).
and my awesome yellow boots (that don't look so yellow in this light) are from - where else! - spring.

these are the earrings I wore yesterday, and today. yesterday I wore the turtles- I got them from an African lady at a booth at mun. they're supposed to bring wisdom. 
the butterflies I wore today are from buenostyle...I think they're from the '20s or something.
I didn't realize how alike these earrings were.

last one, I swear!
I still can't figure out why my pictures keep uploading burry..
this is one of my favourite dresses because it is a) red, and b)flattering. on everyone who wears it. you can't see the detail really, but the top has kind of like a peasant top ruching thing going on. it's Lush, from envy.
the vest is from charlotte russe.
black leggings, stolen from a friend (I'm cheap).
and aldo gladiator-esque sandals.

now, I think I've rambled/photo-d on long enough. see you tomorrow!


Laura said...

Rachel Bilson is one of the cutest gals out there!

I love picture 4; the dog-walking picture. She looks so classy.

I also enjoy your red dress and gladiator sandals.
You have a huge clothing collection, don't you?

Sarah K. said...

so huge, it gets embarrassing.