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ahh, what an afternoon. sitting on a comfy couch, eating strawberries and chocolate, and watching the Sex and the City movie.

Sex and the City is the only reason I know anything about fashion and designers and vogue. I even bought the books that show all the outfits and where they're from. not like I'll ever be able to shop alexander mcqueen or zac posen (<3!). but a girl can look.

man, I always tear up when Carrie gives Louise the louis vuitton...

anywho, in honour of a fabulous movie and a fabulous afternoon- even more fabulous style!

I love how the first scene of the movie is all about dresses. and how the four girls look and dress exactly like the SATC girls. stylin' way to kick off the film.

a sampling of the million vintage dresses in the movie.
Carrie's dress is a fave. I love the floral and classiness! 

this is my favourite outfit! and another entirely vintage one.
the dress is prefect.
and the dior extreme shoes are amazinggg. makes me wish I could walk in killer heels.

I love this picture, it's so colourful, and all the dresses are gorgeous.
my favourite is Charlotte's; it's got the pretty empire waist and a soft pattern.
I don't generally like maxi dresses, but these are hot vacation wear for sure.

of course I have to include the wedding wardrobe!
the picture's a little bright so you can't really see Carrie's dress, but it's the others I love anyways.
they're all zac posen, and they're just. perfect. this is why I fell in love with zac posen.

I could watch this movie on mute.
but, for what it's worth, I actually think it's a pretty good story too, haha.

now, on to the rest of the day I suppose!
perhaps I'll have something more interesting to write later.

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