I can do the fuge

I really like today's outfit.
I tried to add it to the mixed prints gallery on weardrobe, but I couldn't figure it out...
but, at least one or two of you will see it!

the lovely polka dot dress is from splurge here in town. it was too expensive. but I love it.
zebra cardi is from forever 21.
red tights (that are awfully short to be considered "one size fits all" if you ask me) from charlotte russe.
classic black chucks, my favourites.

my pretty pearl-ish earrings. I got them from the same African lady I got the turtles from!
I don't think they bring wisdom, though. just style. :o)

I'm really craving mexican today!
I gave in and ordered delicious shrimp quesidillas from mexicali rosa's...but the dude called back and was like "uhhh, we can't get hold of our delivery guys. sorry." so no delicious mexican for Sarah. :o(
I'm trying hard not to give in to the "order in" urge and not get chinese.
I love foooooood.

anyways. that's all from me!

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