hey uptown girl, can you hear this downtown song?

I REALLY want this:
I promised myself no shopping...especially at modcloth (oh customs, how you hurt my feelings). but it has BUNNIES! and a BOW! oh my goodness.
it's a kenzie girl cardigan though, so maybe it's at envy. only $33 too! here's hoping.

I haven't read vogue in a while, so I went to the website the other day. Michelle Williams is on the latest cover! I think she is so cute. she's such a respectable actress, and is just so graceful. I think her style is fabulous too.


she is always so relaxed, retro, and classy. and she makes it look effortless. being gorgeous doesn't hurt, I'm sure.
I thought I would show my appreciation.

it's a saturday afternoon so I haven't bothered getting dressed yet. maybe Michelle will inspire me. :o)

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